Monday, 18 June 2012

Hospital Hot List: What to pack in your hospital bag...

This week has seen the start of me trying to get organised before Baby C arrives and the first on the list was packing the hospital bags. I'd bought baby C's changing bag and me a lovely zebra print pull along suitcase so this was the incentive I needed to finally put something in them. I still need to wash all of baby's things before the big day so I will end up packing and re-packing but at least it's a start! I have seen quite a few blogs with this sort of advice and I read a brill guide in 'Practical Parenting & Pregnancy' a few weeks back so here's my guide for 'what to pack'. The list is by no means exhaustive and I welcome comments and suggestions from mummies who have been there before!

For Daddy's Bag

1. Money for the car park. 2. Towel. 3. Change of undies! 4.Toiletries. 5. Camera. 6. Snacks & drinks. 7. Ipod/Ipod speakers. 8. Chargers for camera/mobile phones. 9. Mobile Phones, yours and his.

For Baby

1. Muslin Squares 2. Nappy bags/sacks 3. 2-3 bodysuits 4. Cotton Wool balls 5. 12 - 14 nappies 6. 2-3 vests 7. Scratch mittens 8. 1 pair socks/booties 9. Small pack of wipes 10. Blanket for the trip home.

For Mummy to be

1. Water facial spray 2. Flannel 3. Ear plugs - incase ward is noisy at night! 4. Nipple cream 5. Breast pads 6. Slippers 7.Eye mask 8. Straws to make drinking in labour easier 9. Medical notes & birth plan 10. Maternity pads 11. Dressing gown 12. Nursing bra 13. Change of nightwear 14. Toiletries (hair bobbles, brush, lip balm etc) 15. Undies - either very old or disposable ones 16. Cereal bars, snacks & water.

What did you pack in your hospital bag? What was useful/a waste of time?

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