Saturday, 30 June 2012

Bog Challenge (19): What do you collect?

I don't think I collect anything. I'm a bit of a neat freak so I hate 'hoarding' items that I don't need! If I haven't used it within a few weeks I will generally chuck it away(!), much to Mr C's astonishment when he comes to put on his favourite t-shirt etc and I've binned it because he hadn't worn it for ages! 

When I was younger, I collected model teddy bears but as I got older they wierded me out a little! I wasn't allowed to play with them so they were rather pointless! 
As an adult, I would like to collect expensive shoes, maybe like Christian Louboutins or Jimmy Choo's... Ahhh a girl can dream!

Friday, 29 June 2012

Pregnancy Post featuring HiPP Organic: 31 Weeks Pregnant

Today marks a momentous occasion in my pregnancy journey...

We are down to single figures! In only 9 weeks, (*fingers crossed*) we should be graced with the arrival of our beautiful blue bundle of joy. The anticipation and excitement is unbearable; I want to meet him sooner! On the other hand, I must admit to being responsible of not enjoying my pregnancy to the fullest. I'm not saying i've disliked being pregnant, there are many things I've taken full advantage of, such as:

  • Having an excuse to have another biscuit. 'It's for the baby, not me(!)' is a phrase you'll often hear me utter as I reach hungrily for yet another chocolate digestive!
  • Being able to sleep in and not feel guilty because I should be mopping the bathroom floor. I didn't realise just how shattered I would be. A previous early bird; I can now quite happily sleep in till 11.30am, telling Mr C that I am taking full advantage because I won't sleep when baby arrives!
  • Not having to breathe in when wearing a tight t-shirt/maxi dress etc. I am making the most of being able to be 'fat' without actually being 'fat' and not having to don the control pants in a bid to hide my belly after a particularly heavy carb binge!
  • Mr C's massages. Again this isn't for my benefit, it is solely to 'make the baby more relaxed!' Yes I admit, I am milking it for all it's worth!

However, it's not all a bed of roses. This week i've felt really 'pregnant' for the first time in the journey so far. If you're a woman who's been through it, you'll know exactly what I am referring to. Everything's got that little bit harder; the two flights of stairs to our apartment seem like Everest; the long day at work is never ending and the aches and pains leave me feeling like i've ran a marathon... twice!

Ailments like these are extremely common in pregnancy. Mummies-to-be may be suffering with back pain, leg cramps, heart burn, indigestion, trouble sleeping and can even be blighted by constipation. How I wish someone would have warned me of the glamours of pregnancy prior to baby C's conception!

Constipation in Pregnancy
Changes to your body during the early stages of pregnancy may cause you to become constipated. If it’s any consolation, constipation is experienced by over 40% of women in pregnancy. So don’t worry if you are suffering with constipation at the moment, it is completely normal. Liz the expert midwife at HiPP Organic, talks about this symptom in more detail and offers some practical advice.
The main causes of constipation are as follows:
·         The pressure of your growing uterus on your rectum
·         The pregnancy hormone progesterone which slows the transit of food in your digestive tract
·         Iron pills prescribed to treat anemia
·         Dehydration from morning sickness
What can you do to ease constipation?
·         Drink plenty of fluids including fruit juices and fruit/veg smoothies
·         Gradually introduce higher fiber foods
·         Dried fruits such as apricots and prunes are useful and also are a good source of iron
·         Exercise can help combat constipation obviously during pregnancy this needs to be gentle exercise
·         Ask your midwife/GP about an alternative vitamin/iron supplement if you are taking one
If you feel these self help methods are not helping or you think you may be developing piles see your doctor or midwife.

This is a sponsered post.

Blog Challenge (18): The meaning of your blog name

The name of my blog is 'A Whole Nine Months.' I chose this name (after MUCH deliberation!) as I wanted to document the journey of my pregnancy... hence the whole nine months.
However, I hope to continue blogging once my boy arrives so my blog name will be rather nul and void as the whole nine months will be over! I should really start to have a re-think for a new name that will last a little longer than the previous!
Have you any ideas?!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Blog Challenge (17): What is your most proud moment?

This would most definitely have to be finding out that I was expecting our son! I was absolutely beaming with pride that myself and Mr C were going to be parents. He's not even here yet and I am one of 'those mums' that I said I wouldn't be. Myself and Mr C used to cringe at people who posted a million and one pictures of their little one on Facebook but low and behold... we are terrible for it! All of his scan pictures are posted proudly on my 'wall' and he graces my cover photo in all his sheer cuteness. I have even been known to whip out his 4D scan picture and thrust it in people's faces saying 'look at my son, isn't he gorgeous!?' CRINGE. 


I suppose that's motherhood taking a firm grip of me though! My own mum is a horror for boasting about my own achievements and I'm sure I will be just like that with my son. First words, steps, smiles... everything!

In terms of my other achievements, I was extremely proud of graduating from University last year. I studied so hard for 3 years and when I finally donned that cap and gown I was beaming like a cheshire cat!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Blog Challenge (16): What's top of your bucket list?

As i've said before I'm not particularly adventurous and I like it that way. It's not that i'm not ambitious, it's more of the fact that i'm a chicken and the thrill of the adrenaline is not a big enough lure to persuade me to throw myself out of a plane or swim with Great Whites!

So top of my bucket list would have to be;

Visiting Australia.

This is something that i've always wanted to do. I have travelled quite a bit, in fact probably once or twice a year for the majority of years since I was born however, my mum's something of a sun worshipper rather than a culture vulture so we've always travelled to 'those' sorts of places such as Spain or the Canaries. Give my mother a sunbed and a cocktail over a visit to some archelogical site anyday! I've somewhat ashamadley inherited that same passion and since I've been planning my own holidays, have only really ventured to the same tacky places as i'm used to! 

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Pregnancy Post: 30 Weeks.

First things first, here's the bump this week...

How far along: This week sees the start of 'Week 30'. 3/4 of the way there. It has been a mad week; a mixture of emotions and hormones (bloody pregnancy haha!) seeing me going from smiling with happiness to being a quivering wreck. Mr C deserves a medal this week!

Maternity clothes: I've not bought any clothes this week... All mine & Mr C's money has gone on even more treats for Baby C. Spoilt boy!

Stretch marks: I've started to get some marks at the top of my bum cheeks? Is this normal?! I don't feel like this area is stretched? I've layred on the false tan to give me a bit of a self-esteem boost as I was beginning to feel like I resembled a baby elephant!

Sleep: Again, it's been a bit rubbishy this week. I've been overly emotional all week which I think may be a combination of hormones and lack of sleep! I sobbed for an hour because a man was wearing a suit on Jeremy Kyle! I'm sure that's not normal!

Best moment this week: I'm trying to be upbeat but this week has been a bit of a worry. We had a growth scan last Wednesday which showed that the AC circumference (his tummy) was a little large. Cue lots and lots of tears from me and an immense amount of worry. I am going for a repeat GTT tomorrow so hopefully we'll get some answers.

On a positive, we started our first antenatal class on Thursday. Mr C was dreading it and thought it was going to be the most boring night of his whole life however he ended up really enjoying it and I couldn't get him to shut up! He's such an exhibitionist in situations like that so he ended up being the centre of attention and the midwife loved him! Cringe! It was very informative and I feel that little bit more equipped for labour!

Movement: Still lots. He's a little wriggler and he seems to have his days and nights mixed up!

Food cravings: None. I've been eating lots of fruit and smoothies this week... mmm.

What I am looking forward to: The bedroom furniture arriving so we can set up his nursery :)

Weekly Wisdom: Don't go to appointments by yourself! I've been lucky that Mr C has been able to take unpaid time of work to attend with me but last week he had to leave early after the growth scan. I totally over-reacted at the scan results and broke down at the car parking ticket machine! Even if you have to take a friend or a relative, it's much better than having to take in results on your own!

Blog Challenge (15): Timeline of your day

Today was a work day so it was pretty boring but here it is:

6.08am: Woke up needing the toilet as Baby C was positioned right on top of my bladder!

6.09am: Got back into bed thinking that I had lots of time for cuddles with Mr C before he got up for work.

6.10am: Mr C's alarm went off! Booo, there went my cuddles!

7.30am: Quick wash & dressed - no make up (yet!)

8am: Get to Morrisons to go 'the big shop.'

8.50am: Arrive back home to the unappatising task of lugging 7 full carrier bags up 2 flights of stairs. Sometimes I regret living in a third floor apartment!

9.30am: After I'd unpacked the shopping, I sat down to have breakfast of toasted tea-cakes, a banana and a fruit smootie whilst watching Jeremy Kyle.

10.30am: Cleaned the house & prepared tonight's tea whilst watching This Morning.

12.30pm: Wrote a few blog posts and had potato waffles for lunch! Mmmm

1.30pm: Shower and get ready for work

2.30pm: Set off to work.

3pm: Start work.

YAWN... YAWN.... YAWN...

9.30pm: Arrive home from work and have tea/discuss day (have a moan!) with Mr C.

10.30pm: Watch 2 episodes of Family Guy in bed... I don't know why but this has become a real ritual for me & Mr C!

11.20ish: Fall asleep during second episode hoping Mr C will turn the TV off! Sweet dreams!

Friday, 22 June 2012

Blog Challenge (14): If You Won the Lottery...

If I were to win the lottery, it'd be a miracle as I don't play! I don't believe that money makes you happier; it makes things easier therefore relieving some worries however it isn't a magic tool to solve all your problems. It sounds cliche but give me love over money any day. I've been fotunate enough that, growing up, my family didn't have to struggle. Nowadays, myself and Mr C are certainly by no means 'flush' but we are able to live comfortably so maybe my views would be different if we were living in poverty? Anyway, I digress.

If I were to win the lottery, I would:

  • Make sure my boy had security for the future. I would make sure that, no matter how much money I had, he had the best I could possibly afford. I will spoil him; I don't see the problem with spoiling your children as long as they are greatful, have morals and aren't little brats!

  • Donate money to Cancer Research. My mum recently went through a cancer scare and it was a horrible time. If money could be used to fund research to go somewhere towards finding a cure and be used to stop another family going through that time of dread and worry then there would be no better purpose for it.
  • I'm not going to pretend that i'm a Saint and i'd give it all away... I would most definitely treat myself! I'm thinking 5* luxury in the Maldives, a whole new wardrobe, a lovely big Range Rover & a mansion! complete with a swimming pool!
And with that, i'm off to buy a ticket! Wish me luck! :)

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Should men be present at the birth of their child?

In 73 days, (or there abouts!) a momentous occasion will occur. A once in a life time occasion. A presumably PAINFUL occasion. I will give birth to myself and Mr C's first born. Who will be there to witness this joyous occurance? Without a doubt... myself (obviously!) and Mr C. 

Another reason I want it to be me and Mr C is because it is OUR baby. Half mine, half his. We both created him so it makes complete sense that we both see him enter the world at exactly the same time. A few generations ago, men just dropped their wives off at the hospital! The closest involvement in the labour process a man had was if they were there, pacing the hospital corridors or wetting the baby's head. Call me selfish but there is no way on this Earth that I would allow Mr C to be in the pub nursing a pint of Fosters whilst i'm experiencing the most horrific pain i've ever felt! No bloody way at all! He got me into this so he's going to be there to take the abuse and hold my hand!
Research in these articles completely contradict my decisions though. Over half of these women (in the same survey as above) believed their baby’s father would be ‘unable to cope with the stress of the situation’, and nine per cent feared that their partner would be unable to empathise with the pain of childbirth. Tough. Sorry to all those males out there but it's the woman that is enduring all that pain so Mr C's ability to 'cope with the stress' will be the last thing on my mind! He was man enough to put the baby there, he can be man enough to see it out!
I'm not asking Mr C to be at the business end watching the full gorey goings - on but I do expect him to be there, sat beside me; holding my hand and supporting me through the what I expect to be the hardest task of my life. Surely that's not too much to ask, is it?
According to another article; 'the results of the 15-year study have surprised scientists. Women supported by a female friend during labour were half as likely to have a Caesarean delivery.They were 60 per cent less likely to ask for an epidural, 40 per cent less likely to require forceps and the duration of labour was reduced by a quarter.' Maybe i'm wrong expecting Mr C to be there. Maybe I'll change my mind and demand my mum to be there when the pain gets too much. I don't know as yet, i've not experienced it yet.

One thing of which I am certain though; Mr C wouldn't miss it for the World. When asked if he'd prefer not to be there, he looked at me like I was barmy. He says it will be the greatest day of his life, the moment we welcome our son TOGETHER. Yes he may be a bit queezy with the blood and gore, he may possibly faint and I may never be able to look at him again if he sees me poo(!) haha but all these things are irrelevant. At the end of it, I will have given him the greatest gift possible... His child.

I will follow up this post once i've given birth and let you all know how I (and Mr C!) coped. I wonder if I am making the right decision banning by mother from the delivery suite?

Who was present at your labours?

Who was most help?

Monday, 18 June 2012

Book Review: Ask A Midwife by Catharine Parker-Littler

I was given this book as a gift by my friend who is herself, a midwife. She spoke ever so highly of it that I was extremely pleased when she gave me a copy and I couldn't wait to read it.

The book is called 'Ask A Midwife' and is written by Catharine Parker-Littler in conjunction with

As a first time mummy-to-be, I often find that I have tons of unanswered questions running through my mind. It can be 3am and I'll sit up startled in bed and find myself panicking over all sorts of stuff that, quite frankly, could be pondered upon at another time of the day than 3am! I am very lucky that I have a best friend who is also a midwife; i feel that I can ask her anything and she can give me a professional answer. However, as much as she loves me, I'm sure she wouldn't be best pleased if I called her at 3am to discuss my options regarding pain relief! (which is probably why she gifted me with this book!)

As well as asking my friend, I find myself 'googling' for information. BAD IDEA! I am a stickler for self diagnosis and have been known to be suffering from some traumatic ailment when really, I've got something as simple as a summer cold! (I once convinced myself I had HIV from reading Google - I don't(!)but it goes to show why it's not such a good idea!)

So if you don't have a midwife on speed dial and you're not too keen on Google then what do you do? You can, of course, call your midwife or the hospital however calling them to discuss your toilet habits at 3am may not be the best idea! (Please though, if you suspect something is wrong - PLEASE CALL YOUR LABOUR WARD/HOSPITAL!)

If you do want a solution to your general niggles though, then this book is a great idea! It's written by a midwife so you can rest assured that the advice is coming directly from a professional, therefore it's much more reliable than some things you may read online. I am a frequent reader of chat rooms/baby pages on social network sites and it's lovely to hear advice from mummies who have been there but I find it a great peace of mind checking in this book.

The book consists of six sections: Trying for a baby, Now you’re pregnant; Your 40-week journey; Labour and birth, New parents; and New life. It's not a book that you have to read all in one go, we use it as a 'go-to' when myself or Mr C have a question. I've found it extremely 'daddy-friendly'; Mr C isn't much of a reader and he would be put of reading a 500 page book however he likes this as it is formatted in much smaller, accessible chunks.

It is aimed at absolutely everyone; young and older parents and doesn't take any sort of condescending or patronising tones. It covers a vast range of topics from physical and emotional changes to practicalities such as employment rights and practical parenting skills.

Overall, I would totally recommend this book to any mummies and daddies-to-be. It would also make a perfect baby shower/pregnancy gift; I know I loved receiving it and it comes in much more handy than yet another pair of scratch mittens! It allows you to access the information easily and above all, you can rest assured that the advice is coming straight from a professional. A real 10/10.

You can buy this book through

Hospital Hot List: What to pack in your hospital bag...

This week has seen the start of me trying to get organised before Baby C arrives and the first on the list was packing the hospital bags. I'd bought baby C's changing bag and me a lovely zebra print pull along suitcase so this was the incentive I needed to finally put something in them. I still need to wash all of baby's things before the big day so I will end up packing and re-packing but at least it's a start! I have seen quite a few blogs with this sort of advice and I read a brill guide in 'Practical Parenting & Pregnancy' a few weeks back so here's my guide for 'what to pack'. The list is by no means exhaustive and I welcome comments and suggestions from mummies who have been there before!

For Daddy's Bag

1. Money for the car park. 2. Towel. 3. Change of undies! 4.Toiletries. 5. Camera. 6. Snacks & drinks. 7. Ipod/Ipod speakers. 8. Chargers for camera/mobile phones. 9. Mobile Phones, yours and his.

For Baby

1. Muslin Squares 2. Nappy bags/sacks 3. 2-3 bodysuits 4. Cotton Wool balls 5. 12 - 14 nappies 6. 2-3 vests 7. Scratch mittens 8. 1 pair socks/booties 9. Small pack of wipes 10. Blanket for the trip home.

For Mummy to be

1. Water facial spray 2. Flannel 3. Ear plugs - incase ward is noisy at night! 4. Nipple cream 5. Breast pads 6. Slippers 7.Eye mask 8. Straws to make drinking in labour easier 9. Medical notes & birth plan 10. Maternity pads 11. Dressing gown 12. Nursing bra 13. Change of nightwear 14. Toiletries (hair bobbles, brush, lip balm etc) 15. Undies - either very old or disposable ones 16. Cereal bars, snacks & water.

What did you pack in your hospital bag? What was useful/a waste of time?

Sunday, 17 June 2012

29 weeks

This week sees the start of Week 29.

How far along: 29 weeks, 0 days.

Maternity clothes: I treat myself to a lovely new maxi dress this week. It isn't maternity but I solved the problem of the massive bump buy buying a size bigger than what I'd usually buy. It comes with a belt so will still be useful when baby C is here as I can just tighten the belt... genious. I really don't want to get caught up in paying an extra £10 for things just because they say 'maternity' in the label! I just need it to be sunny now so I can wear the bloody thing! *fingers crossed!*

Stretch marks: Not yet! Touch wood!

Sleep: Sleep has been a bit rubbish this week, Baby C has decided he likes to wake me up at 5.30am every morning resting on my bladder... Hopefully his sleeping patterns will be much more civalised when he arrives!

Best moment this week: Me & Mr C have been deliberating and proudly discussing all of the things that we are going to do when Baby C arrives. We can't even begin to imagine how much joy he's going to bring to our lives! I have fallen more in love with Mr C than I can ever imagine, he has been so supportive and caring throughout this whole journey and I rest assured that he is going to be the most amazing daddy there ever has been.

Movement: Lots. My belly has been distorting into wierd shapes!

Food cravings: Still loving non-alcoholic lager!

What I am looking forward to: Seeing him again for the 4th time next Wednesday. I've got to go for a growth scan because he's measuring a few weeks ahead. With a 6ft 7 daddy, I never expected him to be a tiny baby but it seems he is really thriving in there!

Weekly Wisdom: Just relax! I have been worrying so much about hospital appointments. I had to have both my Anti D injections and Glucose Test this week and as a horrific needle phobe, I was sh*tting myself but, at the end of day, nothing is as bad as you expect and it's all worth it to be safe in the knowledge that your little miricle is safe!

Milestones: I have now packed baby's hospital bag. I'm sure i'll pack and re-pack at least a million times before the big day but it's a start! 

Monday, 11 June 2012

28 Weeks: Introducing Baby C in 4D!

On Friday, we had the pleasure of meeting our son in 4D and what an experience it was. I had my heart set on having a 4D scan even as soon as I found I was pregnant. There were many a time before my 20 week scan when I spent days pleading with Mr C to have a 4D scan so we could find out the sex early! The 2D scans at the hospital, although lovely, were often confusing and rushed and I couldn't actually make out head nor tail of our little man but seeing him in 4D... WOW.

Another HUGE positive of the 4D scan was that, because it wasn't at a hospital, you were able to take more than the one person in with you to meet baby. Baby C is my parents first grandad child and Mr C's parent's 4th however all their grandchildren are grown up and they'd never had the chance to do anything like a 4D scan with them so it made sense to make it a family outing so we could all experience the opportunity of meeting our little man 3 months before he actually arrived.

Without further ado, I introduce our Baby C...

I know i'm biased as his mummy, but, my god, he's gorgeous! Everyone said that he looks just like me and most definitely has my chubby cheeks and button nose. He's got his daddy's long legs too! Everything was great with him, he's weighing a little more than expected at 3lbs 2oz already and measuring 29 + 6 but I'm very pleased to say he's thriving!

Seeing him there on the screen was the most amazing moment of my whole pregnancy to date. MrC said that as soon as the sonographer switched from 2D to 4D, he thought it was me on the screen as we looked so alike! My mum cried as she said it reminded her of when I was born and the whole situation was just, perfect. It has made me even more excited (I didn't think it was possible!) to meet him! We bought all the family keyrings of the scan photo's and we all looked a picture sitting in Wetherspoons after the scan staring at them!

In just under 12 weeks, we will see his little face for real. I will be able to touch those tiny fingers and kiss his button nose and at the moment, I will know that my whole life is complete.

Blog Challenge (13): What is your earliest memory?

I find it hard to remember the past, it usually needs prompting by photographs but one memory that I recall quite vividly is that of a holiday with my late great-great Aunt.

I must have been about 5 or 6 and we went to Morcambe for the week. Baring in mind that this was my great-great Aunt, she must have been about 70! Pretty good going looking after a young child on her own for a whole week! She was a lovely woman; I remember that she always wore a 'tabbard' and she rode a mobility scooter whilst her dog Sheba ran along beside her! She looked like Santa in his sleigh, bless her! Anyway, I digress: I vividly remember walking along Morcambe front with her and going on the 'Polo' ride.

"We do not remember days; we remember moments." Cesare Pavese

This is SO true. I don't remember much of my childhood. I've not got many photographs to help jog my sketchy memory of my childhood. I don't remember many specific days however; I vividly recall being happy and loved and I suppose that's all that matters. I am safe in the knowledge that I had a great childhood. I will do everything in my power to ensure that I remember the moments of my son growing up; these are memories that I would hate to lose. I will capture the smiles, the frowns, the moments and store them in my heart!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Blog Challenge (12): What's inside your fridge?

You'll have to excuse how bare it looks; the 'big shop' day isn't till a Monday!

1. Butter 2. Fillet Steak 3. Condiments 4. Strawberries 5. Lemon & Ricotta cheesecakes 6. Lots of Carlsberg Export (Mr C's!) 7. J20's 8. Non-alcoholic Baveria 9. Cupcake 10. Asparagus 11. Stuffed mushrooms 12. Potato & caramelised onion potato rostis 13. Bottles of Vimto

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Blog Challenge (11): List 15 of your favourite things

In no particular order...

1. Fresh bedding 2. Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Candles 3. Mushrooms 4. The Sun 5. Estee Lauder Make-Up 6. White Zinfandel wine 7. Cuddles 8. Clean washing 9. Pink & Blue bottle sweets 10. Kindle 11. My baby bump 12. Full English breakfasts 13. Watching soaps 14. Cherry Bakewells 15. Long hot baths

Friday, 8 June 2012

Blog Challenge (10): What's your best physical feature?

This is a hard one. I think it's simply human nature to think of the negative things about ones self rather than the positive so I asked Mr C for his help. Surely he could come up with one?

Cue me trotting into the living room disturbing his half hour of 'Call of Duty'... (It's his birthday and I was feeling particularly nice!) and randomly asking 'babe what's my best physical feature?'.  I could practically see the cogs ticking in his brain trying to think of an answer that wouldn't get him into trouble! His response: 'Everything.' Now I don't no whether he just couldn't be bothered to answer or it was a typically male response and he didn't want to get himself into a 'does my bum look big in this?' situation! Anyway, that was his input but if I left it to him, there wouldn't be much to write about haha!

Personally, I quite like my eyes. They say they are the windows to the soul don't they? I don't know about that but they are a nice shade of blue and look nice once I've got a fair bit of mascara and a scouse brow going on!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Exciting Times...

I sit and cradle my poor arms as I write this... Not that they are sore but I am STILL feeling sorry for myself! Yesterday, I was an actual human pin cushion. I had to have my GTT test.

Now, normally this would have meant 2 1/2 hours at the hospital and 2 blood tests. No, not for me. 5 1/2 hours, a phlebotomist, a doctor and THREE anesthatists it took to get 5 sodding vials of blood. Cue me being sick and very, very hungry! Apparantly I have 'tiny veins' (as described by the Russain doctor who was also very disturbed at the 'orange substance' coming off my skin as she scrubbed away with alcowipes! They musn't have false tan in Russia as she thought I was an alien from Mars!).

So anyway, i'm STILL licking my wounds, all 9 of them! (Not literally, that would be wierd!) I keep reminding Mr C how brave I was. If I was a child, I would have most definitely got a sticker or a lollypop or some sort of treat so Mr C kindly took me out for chinese buffet to make up for the fact that I spent the best part of my day been proded and poked!

That was one part of this pregnancy malarky that I definitely don't like HOWEVER exciting times lie ahead that make it all worthwhile. Tomorrow, we get to see Baby C in 4D. I can not wait. I feel like a child on Christmas Eve! Will he look like me or Mr C? Who's nose does he have? Does he have my round bouncy ball shaped head or a long horse - like one like daddy? All these questions will shortly be answered!

How exciting!

Blog Challenge (9): What are your worst habits?

My worst habits have to be:

1. Biting my nails - As much as I try, sometimes I simply cannot resist biting my nails. Lots of pretty (and expensive) manicures are helping me to stop. I have 'man hands' with sausage fingers so my short stubby nails make them look even worse!

2. Checking my Facebook too much - A message, a piece of juicy gossip, a 'poke'... I simply cannot miss a thing! Sad i know!

3. Clearing my throat - This is a DISGUSTING habit that i've only developed whilst pregnant. In the night, I often feel like I cannot breate and my throat tickles which leaves me trying to clear it and sounded like a demented horse. Pregnancy has made me so attractive!

On the topic of animals:

4. Snorting like a pig when I laugh - Not content with sounding like a horse
5. Worrying too much... I worry about EVERYTHING. I even worry that I have nothing to worry about!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Blog Challenge (8): Whats in your Handbag?

My handbag is always bursting at the seams. Mr C always says I am the 'organiser' in our house; I sort the bills, birthday cards, events etc etc. If I left it to him, we'd probably be living in a wheely bin bless him! I simply cannot do with being flustered and thinks cropping up unexpectadly whereas Mr C is a more 'go with the flow' type of person. With his laidback attitude and my uptight regimented style of living, we have a happy medium and meet in the middle somewhere!

So my handbag contains:

1. Purse

2. Diary - Being a bit of an obsessive compulsive, I cannot bear my diary to have messy handwriting in it! Mad, I know! I have about three or four diaries throughout the year and i'll neatly write all of my plans up in them time and time again.

3. Mobile Phone & charger - I simply cannot be without this! I am constantly checking my emails, Facebook, Twitter etc. I can't even begin to imagine how I lived when I had my trusty Nokia 3310!

4. Random scraps of rubbish - I said I was organised but I never said I was tidy haha!

5. Make up/Body spray

6. Sunglasses

7. A random half melted chocolate bar - In case i get peckish!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Blog Challenge (7): Your Pet Hates

I like to think of myself as a patient person but there as some things that REALLY 'grind my gears'.

1. People with no manners! GRR, this annoys me so much. As my old mum used to say 'they cost nothing and mean everything!'. What peeves me off even more, is parents who allow their children not to use manners.

2. People who don't indicate off roundabouts... I have TERRIBLE road rage & I really don't understand why people are physically incapable of pressing an indicator to let people know where they are going.

3. People who enter motorways at 40mph. Durrrr, you're joing traffic flying past at 70mph - why are you casually strolling along like a snail? I have no desire whatsoever to end up flattened by an Eddie Stobart therefore I would appreciate it if you'd put your bloody foot down!

4. Audi Drivers... Yet another motoring peeve, can you see the pattern here?! Everytime someone is 'up your arse' so to speak or driving erratically  (by this I mean, like a kn*b!) then 9 times out of 10 they are an Audi driver. Yes, it's a sweeping generalisation I know but if you drive an Audi, I don't like you ;)

5. Swearing - I am known to mutter the odd expletive or two (or three, four, five etc!) but only in the right company. I hate when people swear in front of children or old people, it's just not right. However, if you are a person that commits number 2,3 or 4, I will happily call you all the names under the sun!
6. People who abuse the benefit system. I do not pay my taxes for you to sit on your bum drinking Red Stripe all day. Thank You!

7. Self Scan checkouts. I hate them. PLEASE REMOVE THE ITEM FROM THE BAGGING AREA. Grrr! This, coupled with the fact that I worked at Morrisons during my university years (on the self scan) means that I detest them. Although, they are always empty so I still use them everytime I do a shop! One day, I will learn!

8. People who say 'I'm not being funny but...' Obviously if you feel the need to start the sentence with a justification of what you are saying, there is a slight chance I am going to deem that you are being 'funny!'

9. People who 'tlk lik dis' i.e. Chavs. Yes I am by no means a fully pledged member of the spelling police but simple phonics mean that even my dog could spell better!

10. People who moan loads, like old people. Oh and me for that matter! Haha! :)

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Blog Challenge: (5) 10 Songs You Love Right Now

Nice easy one.

1. Fun - We Are Young.

2. Carly Rae Jepson - Call Me Maybe.

3. Ed Sheeran - Small Bump

4. Rita Ora - R.I.P

5. Train - Drive By

6. Payphone - Maroon 5

7. Marina & the Diamonds - Primadonna

8. B.o.B - So Good

9. Jason Mraz - I Won't Give Up

10. Alex Clare - Too Close

Saturday, 2 June 2012

ASOS Maternity Wear.

As a young mummy - to - be with an ever increasing baby bump and a slight obsession with looking fashionable, I am always on the look out for clothes.

I am by no means a 'fashionista' but I do look looking good. I think as women, we all do. As well as carrying myself about, I am also home to my little man for the next three months so I need clothes that are well-fitting, unrestricting and most importantly, comfortable. I also need clothes that suit 'me.' Just because I am pregnant does not mean that I want to dress like a grandma wearing a smock and knitted cardigan; netiher do I want to wear a comedy t-shirt with some 'witty' comment about keeping your hands off the bump. It is pretty obvious I am pregnant; (or smuggling a beach ball under my top!) I do not need to tell the whole world he is 'Due in August' with the help of some slogan on a t-shirt!

It seems, that most retailers seem to think that this is what pregnant women want. Yes, I am incredibly excited that I am going to be a mum but I don't need a t-shirt to inform Joe Bloggs down the street that I am expecting! With this in mind, I scoured the net for some 'fashion - friendly', stylish maternity buys.

Unlike many other maternity ranges, ASOS maternity doesn't substitute fashion for comfort. I like that the clothes are comfortable but still look great & there is not a comedy slogan in sight! I love all of the pieces above and if ASOS' normal ranges are anything to go by, I'm sure they are great quality too.

I've not got wads of cash to spend on maternity wear and i'm sure my credit card company won't appreciate me buring a hole in my card for a whole new maternity wardrobe but I will definitely invest in some key pieces. I don't see the point in spending £15 on a t-shirt because it says 'maternity' in the label; i'd much rather just buy a bigger size but some key pieces are invaluable.

Although maternity, I'm sure that as a normal woman (not a celeb who seems to come out of the labour ward having snapped back down to a size 6!) I will be carrying a bit of extra 'timber' for a fair few months after the birth which means that i'll still be able to wear the majority of the things I buy. I will most definitely be buying the coral grecian style maxi dress for those summer occasions when I will be the size of a small house!

Do you know of anywhere else that does lovely maternity ranges?

What did you wear whilst pregnant?

Please note: This is NOT sponsored post & everything written is my own views! :)

Blog Challenge: (4) What Are You Afraid Of?

My god, what am I not afraid of?! I am a SCAREDY CAT, a fully fledged chicken. I don't know why but I am not one of those people who craves adrenaline and thrills. I am a 'home bird', preferring to be in my comfort zone and rarely venturing even the slightest millimetre oiut of it but that's what makes me 'Me.' I am happy. Bungee jumping the Grand Canyon or swimming with sharks would petrify me; there is no 'thrill' in the World that would make up for the sheer and utter terror that either of these things would fill me with. I would literally sh*t myself.
Someone once asked me; when you are on your death bed, what will you be able to say you have done in your life? To be honest, it p*ssed me off a bit. Yes, I might not have backpacked across Outer Mongolia, ran a multi million £ company or snorkled the Great Barrier Reef but I can honestly say that I have woken up (near enough everyday) of my life happy. Thankful that i've been blessed with a fantastic childhood full of happy memories, a family who would literally die for me and a partner who is more than I could have ever dreamed of. I have a healthy son on the way who will make my whole life complete. These things make jumping out of planes or seeing the Wonders of the World seem trivial. I love and I am loved and that's what I have done in my life.
I was the kid that wouldn't do anything. I was scared of sleeping out at friends houses till I was about 17. I'm terrified of needles, sleeping in the house on my own, being burgled, spiders, snakes, water slides, dentists... You name it, i'm probably scared of it. But my greatest fear is losing the ones I love. I am a worrier. Maybe one day, I will take on the world. Face my fears; look them straight in the eye and kick their arse. Mind you, I'd need Mr C to hold my hand.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Pregnancy: Week 27

This week sees the start of Week 27.

How far along: 27 weeks, 0 days.

Maternity clothes: I'm living in maxi dresses but quickly finding that all of my work clothes are becomming tight and uncomfortable. With my holidays inbetween, i've only got 5 weeks to work till Mat. Leave so i'm trying to hold off buying any new!

Stretch marks: Not yet, fingers crossed. I'm definitely getting much bigger but Mr C is slathering the stretch mark oil on every night.

Sleep: I've started becomming more & more uncomfortable. I need 6 pillows; 4 under my head, one inbetweeen my legs and 1 under bump. Mr C will be resgined to the spare room soon as there is simply not enough room in the double for us both!

Best moment this week: My mum feeling him kick!

Movement: Lots. He's determined to escape!

Food cravings: Wierdly enough... lager! I never drank lager before I was expecting but I have been craving it so Mr C had to buy me the non-alcoholic variety! I love it! Cherry bakewells.

Gender: Boy

Labor Signs: None

Belly Button in or out: In

What I miss: Heels. I find myself dreamily staring into Topshop window thinking of which heels I'll buy once he finally arrives!

What I am looking forward to: Our 4D scan next Friday.

Weekly Wisdom: Layering is most definitely the way forward, especially in this heat.

Milestones: 3 months today our little man will be due!

How Important is Marriage?

As Beyonce says: 'If you like it then you shudda put a ring on it' and this is something that i've been deliberating for a while now. Should Mr C have put a ring on it? Now, I know Mr C peeks at my blog sometimes so before the warning lights begin to flash, don't worry darling; i've not turned into a bunny boiler over night!

We've been together three fantastic years. We have our own house, a joint bank account and a son on the way but I can't help but wonder whether something is missing; a joint surname. Would things be different if, instead of being Miss B, I was Mrs C? It's something that's never bothered me before but as the DD gets nearer and nearer, I find myself worrying that our son will be a 'C Jnr' whilst I will still be Miss B. Would we be more of a family unit if we had the same name?

We have spoke about getting married before. Many times. Mr C says 'one day.' He says this about a lot of things... painting the kitchen, mowing the lawn, changing the toilet seat. If any of these tasks are to go by, I could be waiting a lifetime! But at the end of day, does it really matter?

I was never one of those little girls that dreamt of Prince Charming & a princess wedding; I was way too busy climbing trees and scuffing my knees. I know girls that have folders dedicated to their weddings before they are even engaged... hell, some women have their wedding dresses before they've even bagged the bloke!

We are perfectly committed to each other, I trust him and love him with all of my heart and up until recently, I didn't believe a ring on my finger would change anything. I am in no way anti-marriage. Both sets of our parents have been happily married for a number of years so we've both been brought up with role models of how a relationship should be. But I still wonder, can't we still experience life long committment even if we haven't been down the aisle?

Mr C's mum recently told me that marriage changes everything. Now, I'm not married and I can't see how anything would change if we were to spend a small fortune on one day but what if I'm wrong? I can't make that assumption though as i've never been married. Do things really change? Would I feel different if I had a rock on my finger? I honestly don't think i'll know until we do wed.

The only thing that makes me want to get married is sharing a surname. I like the unity that that brings and I would want people to know that, I am baby C's mum. We are all the 'C Family.'
I dread filling in a permission form or writing his absence letters and having to sign them 'Miss B' rather than Mrs C, but is that any reason to get married? I love Mr C with all my heart and want to spend the rest of my life with him but I just don't know whether marriage is the be all and end all.

Obviously, deliberate as I will,  the decision lies with Mr C. It's another 4 years till a leap year and i'm certainly not going to be the one doing the asking! But what if things aren't any different and we've spent the best part of 20k on one day? I think that instead of the romance, I have allowed myself to get caught up in the politics. Should we be married? Is it the right thing to do? Would it make us better parents?

In my heart, realistically, I don't think it really matters eitherway. As Mr C says, maybe 'one day.' But until then, our son will be loved whether his mummy and daddy share a name or not. We will all be deliriously happy. He'll have stability and security regardless of whether i've got a ring on my finger or not. We will all love each other with all our hearts, and ultimately, that's all that really matters.

Blog Challenge (3): Your Favourite Quote

This quote is my all time favourite and rings so true of my own life. If you'd have asked me 5 years ago what i'd be doing now, i'd have reeled off a list. I'd have travelled the World, bagged myself a high flying teaching job in London, have lots of money, drive a Mercedes & wear Christian Loboutins like they were nobodies business. I would have long blonde hair & i'd have finally slimmed down to a size 6. Am I doing any of these things? In a word, No.

My holidays stretch as far as the Canaries (& that's if we're lucky! This year it'll be a damp caravan weekend in Skegness!); I work in education administration and I definitely don't have wads of cash stashed under the matress! I drive a Fiesta & my shoes are from Primark. I have black hair, usually tied up in a top knot because i've not got the time or energy to style it and the only size 6 I have seen in a LONG time, is the one in my shoe... NOT in my jeans!

In spite of this, am I happy? You bet! Life isn't always what you plan it to be and accepting that and embracing it is what makes it so exciting. Would I swap my life for what I expected it to be?

Not a chance!