Saturday, 2 June 2012

Blog Challenge: (4) What Are You Afraid Of?

My god, what am I not afraid of?! I am a SCAREDY CAT, a fully fledged chicken. I don't know why but I am not one of those people who craves adrenaline and thrills. I am a 'home bird', preferring to be in my comfort zone and rarely venturing even the slightest millimetre oiut of it but that's what makes me 'Me.' I am happy. Bungee jumping the Grand Canyon or swimming with sharks would petrify me; there is no 'thrill' in the World that would make up for the sheer and utter terror that either of these things would fill me with. I would literally sh*t myself.
Someone once asked me; when you are on your death bed, what will you be able to say you have done in your life? To be honest, it p*ssed me off a bit. Yes, I might not have backpacked across Outer Mongolia, ran a multi million £ company or snorkled the Great Barrier Reef but I can honestly say that I have woken up (near enough everyday) of my life happy. Thankful that i've been blessed with a fantastic childhood full of happy memories, a family who would literally die for me and a partner who is more than I could have ever dreamed of. I have a healthy son on the way who will make my whole life complete. These things make jumping out of planes or seeing the Wonders of the World seem trivial. I love and I am loved and that's what I have done in my life.
I was the kid that wouldn't do anything. I was scared of sleeping out at friends houses till I was about 17. I'm terrified of needles, sleeping in the house on my own, being burgled, spiders, snakes, water slides, dentists... You name it, i'm probably scared of it. But my greatest fear is losing the ones I love. I am a worrier. Maybe one day, I will take on the world. Face my fears; look them straight in the eye and kick their arse. Mind you, I'd need Mr C to hold my hand.

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