Sunday, 19 January 2014

Share It Sundays: Playroom/Area

Freddie doesn't have a playroom as such as we are short of space in our little Yorkshire cottage. We have however created a space for him to house his toys although they don't often stay in this designated area and often end up around the house.

We are also short of garden space which means somehow we've ended up with a climbing frame in the house. On the plus side, this means he can use it all the time without having to venture outside in the cold.

Our best buy was definitely the Ikea storage units and baskets. Since this photograph we've invested in two more so all Fed's toys are now tidied into relevant boxes that make things easier to find. 

The play mats are wonderful. We bought them from ELC in the sale and they have proved invaluable. We use them for messy play, crafting, baking & also a soft landing for any falls off the climbing frame! 

I have linked up with Oh So Amelia for her Share It Sundays. 


  1. love the look of that climbing frame! We have those ikea units too although a crazy amount of them!! but they are great :D

    anna (intheplayroom)

  2. He loves playing on it and it gets much more use inside than if it was in the garden.

    We need more of the Ikea storage they are a god send!

    Thanks for reading x

  3. I love this little play area, haha know what you mean about toys not staying in the designated area. Thanks for linking up x

  4. You're welcome. It's a fab theme :-)

    Amelia's nursery us beautiful x