Friday, 31 January 2014

Letters to Matilda Mae

Dearest Matilda Mae,

I didn't know whether I should write this letter. I didn't know you nor do I know your Mummy. But I want her to know just how much you have touched hearts far and wide. 

You have touched my heart a million times over and you've influenced how I raise my own child. Funny really as I've never met you and you're just a baby, not much older than my own. You have left such a legacy and you live on in so many hearts that you'll never be forgotten.

These letters won't heal your Mummy's heart though. It was shattered when you were so cruelly taken, I'm sure. She has gone through something that no parent ever wants to experience. She's done you proud though. She's a real fighter and to endure every day with a shattered heart is no easy task.

I remember the day you passed, still so vivid. The sad mood that engulfed Twitter; mothers and fathers awash with sheer heartbreak. No one should go through that. It isn't fair. There are no words. 

You are still with her though. You must be. She climbs mountains just to get through a day and that would be impossible if you weren't with her. 

You live on in the hearts of everyone who loves you.  A shining star, sadly taken way too soon. 

So even though I didn't know you, even though I'd never met you;

We'll blow bubbles for you. 

Hundreds and hundreds of bubbles, floating on to heaven's playground. 

So this week especially, you are in my thoughts, as are your precious Mummy and your family. 

Keep them strong. 

Show them that you are still with them, every step of the way.

Much love xx


  1. This is a beautiful letter for a beautiful little girl. xx

    1. Thank you.

      I just hope these letters show Jennie just how much support and love there is for her in the blogging community xx