Monday, 11 November 2013

Being a (bad) 'Mum'

I am a Mum.

It is the most wonderful thing to be. It lights up my entire world. When I hear my son call me  'Mum' I instantly melt. I love my son more than anything else in the world. I would take a thousand rounds with a firing squad in an instant just because I'm his Mum. I love being his Mum. More than anything else.

I am a Mum above all else.

But as well as a Mum, I am also; a wife to be, a friend, a daughter, a woman, an employee, a colleague, a person.

It goes without saying that I'd give up all those other things in a heartbeat to continue being a Mum but I don't have to. I like to think I can be the best, most fabulous Mum & all those other things at once.  Yes it's a juggle but it makes for a happy life for both myself, and my son. 

This post was inspired by a status I saw on Facebook from someone who I considered a friend. She somewhat implied that you are a bad mother if you leave your child. In any instane. (She doesn't work and relies on benefits to enable her to stay at home with her 4 year old.) Her child has just started school and this is the first time in his life that he's ever been without her. She said she'd never even been to the toilet without him and he'd slept at her side since birth. What she was also said that infuriated me was that anyone who didn't raise their child in this way was a bad mother.

Unfortunately for my son, as well as all those other things I am, I also believe that, although I'm a mum, I am also entitled to sh*t in peace. 

If that makes me a bad mother, shoot me. 

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