Saturday, 30 November 2013

A letter to my Freddie

Hello Baby!

I started writing these letters to you when you were a tiny baby but things have been pretty hectic around here lately and Mummy being Mummy, well I sort of got sidetracked and well, forgot.

Not about you of course but about this  project. Besides, I write the letters so you know how much I love you but with the amount of kisses I cover your beautiful little face in every day, I'm pretty sure you know. And if you don't, well I love you more than anything. And I always will. 

Soon you are 15 months. I've said it in every letter but it's true, time is flying. You are a proper person now, a real little boy, fulfilling every stereotype about little boys there is. You're cheeky, mischievous, into absolutely everything and you have a smile that makes any amount of naughtiness ok... even when you smashed Mummy's special Jo Malone candle the other night. I won't let you off though, when you're old enough for a paper round you will replace that candle Mister man! 

We spend lots of time together as Daddy works lots. We have lots of fun together and go on lots of adventures, along with Nana who loves you almost as much as I do. You are absolutely adored by everyone that meets you. The other day a lady in Morrisons gave yme a pound coin for you as she said you were the most adorable little boy she'd ever seen. You bring a light to people's lives, you really do. 

You're still obsessed with Toy Story and as we approach Christmas, I am making sure that Santa will be delivering lots of Toy Story presents on Christmas Day! It is so lovely to watch you play now as you play like a proper person. Earlier you pushed your trucks around your car mat saying 'brum brum'. You're very clever, especially considering you are only 15 months old.

You really are wonderful. Some days (and I say some because there is a rare day you wake as a horror!) you wake in the most wonderful mood and we dance around your bedroom waving out the window at the world.

You are my whole world.

I love you Freddie. 

Forever and more.


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