Sunday, 17 November 2013

15 things nobody told me about being a toddler Mummy...

I've posted before about 15 things nobody told me about being a Mummy and I thought that after 14.5 months I'd have this mothering malarkey down to a tee. I didn't factor in a very important issue however. Yes I've passed my baby mummy tests with flying colours but now we have another mighty mountain to climb... toddlerhood! 

Here's 15 things nobody told me about being a toddler mummy...

1. Toddlers are clever. Cleverer than we give them credit for. They are also sneaky and mischievous to a fault.

2. Toddlers find the best hiding places. Last week I lost F whilst at playgroup;  he'd managed to scale a door and slither through the tiniest gap known to man and hide behind a collapsed table! He must have mouse features this child of mine. 

3. As well as themselves,  toddlers are also genius at hiding objects. Last week our car keys were missing for 2 days. Toddler genius had hidden them in the bin, underneath the bin bag. Clever ey?

4. Toddlers don't like cuddles. 

5. Or kisses.

6. Or anysort of physical contact with Mummy. They are too cool for school. 

7. Toddlers don't like their noses wiping and they don't like No. 

8. Most of all, toddlers don't like their nappy changing. Nappy time = fiasco time.

9. Toddlers like dens and everything can be used to make dens, including Mummy's very expensive and very new cashmere jumper.

10. Toddlers also like to use said cashmere jumper as a snot rog. Toddlers have very snotty noses. 

11. Toddlers don't like to miss out on anything.  Even at 3am they are curious soles who like to wake to make sure they aren't missing anything interesting. 

12. Toddlers grow at an enormous rate. Faster than weeds in your patio and even faster when you've just happened to purchase them an expensive new winter coat.

13. Toddlers like to make a mess. They also don't like to clean said mess.

14. Toddlers can do things you'd never expect. Like opening the front door on their own.

15. Toddlers are the most amazing little beings in the world & a monster he is, but I wouldn't swap mine for anything. 

What mess Mum? 


  1. Lovely post :) so so true! They might be terrors, but their our terrors!

  2. They are fabulous. Noisy, terrible, eat you out of house and home and expensive but fabulous ;)

    Thanks for reading xx