Tuesday, 26 February 2013

This Week in Tweets #8

Sorry for the late post, I thought I'd scheduled this and hadn't. Anyway here is what we got up to 'This Week' (or last week as it now stands!)


'Me & F are hitting the shops then we are going to spend the afternoon with F's first ever painting session. I'm expecting a masterpiece!'


'F & I have been enjoying the sunshine today. Lovely x'


'My crazy son is sat on the floor trying to eat my slipper whilst it's on my foot.'


'This morning we are heading to baby clinic to see how much F weighs.'

'F weighs 20lbs 6oz. Big boy! (but not as big as expected)

'Me, OH & F are going for a walk around Hebden Bridge. Anyone recommend any nice places for cake? :)'


'I am laid in bed having family cuddles with my 2 favourite boys in the whole world. They are my life.'

'I am so rock & roll. Romantic birthday evening and I'm in bed already... in my fluffy dressing gown ready for sleep!'


'My TV is spoiling me tonight. Robbie Williams & Justin Timberlake in one night. #wouldntkickeitheroutofbedforfarting'


'I can hear wonderful OH & son downstairs playing with Buzz Lightyer, both screaming with laughter. Times like this I realise I am blessed.'

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Friday, 22 February 2013

Fashionable Friday

Today is a BARGAIN Fashionable Friday. 

Here is what Freddie wore today:

Striped All in One: Tesco Sale £2!! BARGAIN!!

Shoes: Converse at Schuh £22

As much as I am boycotting Tesco ATM (see my ranty tweets!) I strongly recommended having a browse through their sale rails as I picked up some brilliant bargains!

Have you picked up any bargains this week? 

Let me know! 

Monday, 18 February 2013

A letter to Teenage Freddie.


Typing this seems pretty silly to me at the moment. You're 5 months old, a long way off being a teenager. But if the last 5 months has taught me anything, it is that time flies and before I know it, you will be 18.

I still change your sh*tty nappies; your main source of nutrition is milk and you love to wake up early.

By the time you read this, I won't be going anywhere near your rear end; your main source of nutrition will most probably be burgers & beer and you'll fester in your pit until gone mid-day!

I have no doubt that, at times, you may think you hate me. Thinking about the possibility that you may ever dislike me now makes my heart break. But this is the 18 year old you and you may not be the squishy, cuddly, smiley bundle that you are now. You may think this letter is stupid but these are things I want you to know.

1. If it feels wrong, don't do it. You're a sensible boy and (I hope) you've been raised correctly. 

2. Just because you're mates do it, it doesn't mean you have to as well. If they were going to jump off a bridge would you? (Please say no, my nerves couldn't handle you bungee jumping!)

3. Trust your instincts.

4. Never speak bad of yourself. You are the most amazing person i've ever met.

5. Don't be afraid to say 'No.' You don't have to do ANYTHING that you don't want to . Don't do it because someone else wants you to.

6. Don't be afraid to say 'Yes.' If you want to do something, you can. Anything can happen. Nothing is impossible.

6. Be true to yourself. Don't be a people pleaser. Nobody likes a kiss arse.

7. Don't ruin your body with rediculous piercings/tattoo's. I want you to be yourself but a heavy metal lover with dinner plate sized holes in your ears when you're 40.

8. Don't sleep about. Nobody will want you when you're riddled with diseases! 

9. Drugs are bad. 

10. Treat women with respect. Don't and I'll kick your bloody arse.

11. Don't allow anyone to treat you without respect. If they do, I'll kick their bloody arse.

12. Always remember,  I am here to kick arses.

13. Always remember to use protection. Until I  50, I will always be too young to be a grandma 

14. Always remember,  I have eyes in the back of my head. If you've been up to no good, I'll find out.

15. Always remember,  I am here whatever and whenever.

16. And finally, most importantly; Always remember, I love you. I always have and always will.

17. Oh and one more; Always rember, I always know best. My own mother knew what was best for me and I know what's best for you. 

You may think I'm being harsh but when you are older,  you'll thank me. I guarantee you.

As you'll notice, there is LOTS to remember so #18: Lay off the alcohol,  it'll damage your brain cells which will mean you won't remember and you may end up with an angry mummy to contend with ;) 

As always, 

I will love you forever, and more.



Sunday, 17 February 2013

This Week in Tweets #7


'I wore the dress I wore for my graduation today. I was made up thinking I'd lost weight then I realised I'd bent over and split the arse!'

'Just picked mum up from hospital. Breast care unit really hits hard. There's people there that aren't as lucky as MammaB. #thinkingofthose'


'Just cleaned my car for the first time since I was 34wks pregnant. It was a tip and OH was worrying it was a health hazard to F it was so bad!'

'I've just had a lovely relaxing bath complete with wine & F's rubber duck which provided a whole hour of entertainment. #imgoingmad'


'Just taken F for his first swimming lesson. It was fab except for Miss Trunchbull for a teacher!'

'Just had mother & father over for fajita supper. OH has dished up apple pie & i've opened the wine. #puttingmyfeetup


'Valentines Schmalentines. All a load of old crock if you ask me. I did get a lie-in and breakfast in bed however.'

'Today I have been to my paediatric first aid course. I'm so pleased I signed up, the knowledge gained is invaluable.'


'I'm going on my first night out in ages tonight. On the plus side it is with a pregnant lady so I won't be able to get too drunk!'

'I have left F tonight to go to my local town but I keep talking about him and getting sad because i'm missing him!'


'Oh my word, I feel shocking this morning. Too much wine. My head hurts.'


'One word. Bed.'

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Friday, 15 February 2013

Fashionable Friday.

Freddie is going for a day out with Nana today who will no doubt be showing him off to all and sundry so he needed to look his very best.

For today's Fashionable Friday, he's wearing:

Tan chinos: Next
Navy jumper with arm patches: Next
Maroon Body Warmer: Next (again!)
Maroon pram shoes: Next 

As you can tell he's sporting lots of Next clobber today! I'm a regular shopper at Next particularly for their baby and homeware collections. 

Which shops do you love for children's clothes?

Thursday, 14 February 2013

The true meaning of Love.

Regular followers of my Twitter account will know, I am not a huge lover of Valentine's day.

Much to the OH's relief.

Prior to meeting Mr C, my only ever remote success on Valentine's consisted of a card from my best friend's mother's dog. Romantic.

This also sums up the extent of my desirability and 'cool' prior to meeting Mr C. 

Valentine's when I was younger was a huge deal with a great emphasis placed on who got cards and how many. Your absolute life's achievement was measured on how many cards were popped in your 'drawer' at school. I still to this day can remember the utter disappointment at failing to attract a secret admirer whilst the majority of classmates did. This was when I was in Year 5; years and years ago but still, I remember. 

At such a tender age, I failed to recognise that Valentines wasn't about love. I fell for the commercialisation of it all; the hearts, the flowers and the ridiculously priced cards.

Now I am a mummy, I have experienced absolute love. 

I love Mr C. More than I'd ever loved anyone in the whole world. More than the stars in the sky. More than forever.

It wasn't until I set eyes on my son that I realised unconditional love however. I know that whatever happens in our lives, I will love F until the end of time. There is nothing he could ever do that would change that. He will always hold the biggest piece of my heart,  regardless.

So that's why this gorgeous little man is our Valentine.

I am incredibly lucky that I have the most wonderful man in Mr C. He is incredibly romantic and thoughtful and he tells me every day how much he loves me. 

But today,  and every other day for that matter, is dedicated to the love we have for our son. Today, he is our valentine. Everyday he is the love of our lives. The love that was created from our love.

That love is more special than any bunch of flowers, any box of chocolates or tacky cuddly toy.

That love exists in our hearts and our home every single day. And for that, I am the luckiest lady possible. 

Happy Valentines to both my wonderful Mr C and my Freddie. I love you both, as always; not just today but forever and more.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A Sad World.

Today I have realised something that I should have acknowledged a long time ago. Maybe I chose to ignore it, perhaps I have been naive?

We live in a sad, sad world.

Tonight I took my 5 month old to his first ever swimming lesson. A momentous occasion in his life, a milestone, a celebration. 

These milestones call for photographs. A snap to encapsulate every second of his growing. A way to freeze time and look back to reminisce. 

As this was F's first ever swimming lesson, I wanted to take a photograph. I understand this is not allowed; there was signs plastered on the walls everywhere saying 'no mobile phones.'

Normally I would abide by these warnings but there was only F and another child in the giant pool and F and Mr C were right in front of where I was sat. I siezed the opportunity, sneakily located my phone and planned on taking a snap of my baby enjoying his swimming lesson. I didn't want to put this photo on a social networking site for thousands to see, I wanted to print it off and stick it into his memory book to commemorate the day.

As I clicked the button to capture, the realisation that I hadn't turned the flash off hit me like a tonne of bricks! The burst of light reflected off the metal bars and with the speed of lightening, the rather podgy and sour faces instructor came charging over with the grace and elegance of a bull in a china shop.

"You need a CRB check to do that?"

"Excuse me?"

"To take a picture of a child in the pool. Are you unable to read the signs?"

Said child was my child and if I was to be incredibly fecesious, as a primary school teacher, I do have CRB clearance which I would be happy to show her and quite possibly rub it in her face. 

I understand these rules are here for protection. Child safety. Health and safety. Child protection etc. Whatever you want to call it, it's stupid. Complete and utter codswallopp.

Because of the minority of wierdos in this world, we are being punished. What a sad world we live in where we aren't able to take a photograph of our own child. I tweeted my dismay earlier and one lady replied that her children's centre had recently implemented a policy where mum's and dad's were not allowed to get their mobile phones out whilst inside the centre.


I understand that said woman was doing her job. (I am slightly angered at her for the previous event at the beginning of the lesson she told Mr C off for putting his feet in the pool before the lesson begun and spoke to him like he was 7 years old.) I understand she was protecting F and the other child. 

What saddens me is why she has to. What ever had this world come to? Do we really live in such a sad society?

What also angered me is that a women sat a few feet away from me for the whole duration of the lesson using her mobile phone. She wasn't even watching her own child swim. She was waiting for her child to start the lesson after F's.

She wasn't told. Stupid me who can't turn off the flash was. That woman may have been videoing the whole pool so evidently, if the world is that unsafe, they aren't implementing the policies to save us particularly well.

I'm not knocking the system. If we need protecting then so be it. It just deeply saddens, annoys and infuriates me that this is what the world has come to.

And if you're wondering, I did get a photograph. It happened to be of my feet whilst I recoiled in shock of my stupid pigging flash. Sod's bleeding law.

Monday, 11 February 2013

This Week #6 in Tweets


'Monday = Cleaning Day'

'I've been to local farm shop & stocked up on veggies for F so a night of steaming & blending is in order for me.'


'My delightful little monster just simultaneously sh*t and sicked all over me & my new jumper. Nappy free time is BANNED! #goodjobilovehim'

'Today has been a disaster. Went to Pizza Hut buffet & what should have been a 15 minute drive took 1hr 45mins! Then to top it off, no petrol!'


'My poor feet are aching. Me & F are going to have a bath with all his duckies then we are both going to have an early night!'


'Starting a baby first aid course today. I've read lots of tragic stories recently & want to make sure i could attempt to help F if I ever needed to.'

'Went for a meal with F, OH & lots of family tonight. F was exceptionally behaved & I was v. proud of him!'

'Took my 2y.o neice to Morrisons tonight. I told her off and she shouted 'Don't you swear at me lady!' at top of her voice! #embarassing'


'I'm taking F & my neice swimming today. Wish me luck, I think I'm going to need it!'

'Having Pizza Hut buffet for 2nd time this week. #fatty'


'I've been up nearly 2 hours and haven't done anything except cuddle my boy. Best way to spend time if you ask me! #cherishthemoments'

M&S chinese feast for dinner, followed by a gigantic slice of tart au citron... Yummy!'


'Sunday morning Morrisons shop with no make up is traumatic. I'm scaring the children #shockhorror'

'I'm watching #TheHotel with rose wine, tart au citron and snuggles with OH. Lovely evening.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Fashionable Friday.

Today's 'Fashionable Friday' isn't strictly a 'fashion' item but it is something that F has worn today which received LOTS of compliments! 

This is my gorgeous boy in his Buzz Lightyear swim suit. We took him swimming today because he starts lessons on Wednesday so we wanted to get some practice in before the main event! 

As I said, it received lots of attention! 

It was around £15 (I think, it was a gift from Nana!) from Next.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

#TeamHonk in Ghana. A Comic Relief Post.

Today, Feb 5th, marks the 25th anniversary of the first ever Red Nose Day.

25 years is such a long time, even before 'i was a twinkle in my mother's eye' as my old Nan would say! During the last 25 years, Comic Relief and the money raised by the public has made a phenomenal difference to the lives of millions, both in Africa and here in the UK.

Three wonderful women; Annie from Mammasaurus, Tanya from Mummy Barrow and Penny from Alexander Residence have been visiting four projects in Ghana over the last two days to see for themselves the difference that Comic Relief has made. We have been able to follow their progress through their tweets and live blogging.

Even though I'm sure they've been rediculously busy during their time, they have still managed to send out digital postcards.

Hello Jess!

 These are children in a school on the edge of a slum in Accra. They were really excited to have visitors and made lots of noise singing and shouting - and that didn't even wake the younger kids who were asleep on the floor!
Team Honk!
This is a digital postcard sent from TeamHonk (www.mammasaurus.co.uk; www.aresidence.co.uk; www.mummybarrow.com ) during their travels with Comic Relief in Ghana celebrating #goodwork.
For the past 25 years the money raised through Red Nose Day has been changing the lives of the poorest and most disadvantaged people in the UK and Africa. Let’s Keep Up the Good Work. Find out how at rednoseday.com
For other digital postcards please do check out the linky on www.teamhonk.org


Monday, 4 February 2013

A Confession.

[This isn't a post to spark debate about breastfeeding. It isn't about ANYONE else except from myself. It is not my aim to offend or cause controversy. This is my story and I am not judging any body else.]

Recently, I posted here about 'Guilt.' I talked about how, since F's birth, I have been plagued with a lingering sense of guilt.

I failed to mention however, my biggest source of guilt. The guilt that hits the hardest; goes deeper and is most difficult to forget about.

I have a confession to make. I did not breastfeed my son.

Sometimes I think it makes me a bad mum. Does this make me a bad mum? NOT AT ALL. Bad mothers abuse and neglect, my son is my everything and I would die for him a million times over.

He is now five months old and my milk has been and gone; there's nothing I could do about it if I could. So why do I persist on punishing myself?

The past few weeks, F has been ill with a cough and cold. When I hear him coughing away during the night, the discomfort evident, I hate myself. I haven't told anyone about this, for fear they'd think I was being ridiculous. It is too late now to make a change so why is it now it is playing on my mind? 

What is my reason for not breastfeeding? Well primarily I believe it was a lack of support; maybe a lack of information or even laziness and ignorance on my part. However you look at it, I do need feed my son myself;  and sometimes, excuse the pun but, that eats away at me.

I still feel guilt that I didn't breastfeed because I feel like it is unfinished business. I feel like I wasn't provided with the support; from my family, from my midwife or from anyone else. I didn't know how to breastfeed, I still don't and ultimately, that is why I didn't breastfeed F.

When I was younger, I always assumed I would formula feed my baby. It was what was seen as the 'norm' within my family. Both myself and my brother was formula fed along with the rest of my extended family; all of my 12 cousins were all artificially fed. Shockingly, prior to having my own baby, I have NEVER met anyone who breastfed their baby. In spite of all this, I am not deluded; I know that breast feeding is the best possible option for my son. I watched the videos, I read the books and initially, I made an informed choice that that is how I would be feeding my son.

After all is said and done, it didn't come naturally. It wasn't as I imagined. It was difficult and fumbley and I hadn't a clue as to what I was doing. I feel angry that I wasn't shown. I feel angry that I didn't fight harder to be shown.

I wasn't shown immediately after birth. Instead, I was simply told I was doing it wrong. I wasn't shown on the postnatal ward as I was told that the breast feeding support lady didn't deal with ladies from my area. I was informed that there was a support network in my area but they didn't cover the particular hospital that I'd given birth in so there was no one to see me. I wasn't shown what to do when I was sobbing; when I was getting upset that I didn't know what to do. Instead, I was told that I had to make a decision as it would confuse my baby and make me more stressed and upset.

Some may say these are excuses; I believe different. If I hadn't have wanted to breastfeed I wouldn't be writing this post, it would be irrelevant and I certainly wouldn't experience the feelings of guilt that I do. I genuinely believe that I wasn't offered enough support to enable me to breast feed my son.

My best friend is a midwife so I am very aware that there is a desperate shortage of staff, resources and ultimately, time within the NHS but it still saddens me greatly that there was no help. As with all health care provision, the level of care you receive is dependent on the area in which you live. The hospital in which I had F has one of the lowest rates of BF in the country; now I understand why.

I admit that I could have tried harder. I'd made an informed choice and I wanted some help in fulfilling that. What saddens me the most is that, that help wasn't given. It was too easy for me to formula feed. I'd been awake for 48 hours, I'd pleaded for help which wasn't given and I was under the assumption that I  was confusing my son. Formula feeding seemed the easy option.

I want to reiterate that I am NOT judging anyone. Feeding is a personal choice; it shouldn't define us as a mother.

I do not have a problem with mothers that do not breast feed; I'm one of them.

I just wanted to vent my anger/guilt/frustration/confusion/annoyance and so on.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

This Week #5 in TWEETS!

Even though 'This Week #' has only being running for 5 weeks, I felt that it was becomming a little monotonous and repetative at points so I've decided to give it a bit of a face-lift and change it to - 'This Week in TWEETS!' Ta Da!

Anyway, here goes:


'Off to Leeds with MamaB for some retail therapy. F is home with Daddy so mummy can get some serious shopping done for new clothes!'

'Treating the OH to fillet steak for tea. When I say treating, I'm buying, he's cooking!'

'Steak & chips out the window. Washer exploded, water everywhere & then F projectile vomited. I did what all good wives do; ordered takeway!'


'Just came downstairs to find Mr C feeding F & Mr Ted together. F found is funniest thing ever. #cutedaddy'

' i HATE food shopping with the OH. He costs me a fortune and now i've lost him whilst he's gone in search of butter. He must be milking a cow.'

'Am I terrible if I spend my spare 10 minutes painting my nails rather than putting the washing away? #decisionsdecisions'


'OH is meant to be playing golf but it's pissing it down. He's not answering his phone so I presume he's gone to the pub instead. #takingthepiss'


'I was in a bad mood but my lovely postman has just delivered a tax rebate! #thankf*ckforthat'

'Little F is watching TV. I swear he'll have square eyes by the time he's 2!'

'Mr C offered to wine and dine me at my favourite resteraunt tonight but I stupidly refused in favour of my PJ's and the TV. #gettingold'


'on way to Liverpool to visit the in-laws #joy'


'oh my word I shouldn't be allowed on the roads. I just forgot what side I was meant to drive on and didn't realise till I saw a car!' #tired'

'Sometimes I look at my son and wonder, how can something so smelly come out of something so beautiful?!'

'My mum is the loveliest lady in the world. I've been feeling ill today & she turned up at my house with a massive bunch of flowers!'


'Just writing up 'This Week #5' then it's time for bed, i'm cream crackered!'

Saturday, 2 February 2013

For you, Freddie: 5 months x

My gorgeous Freddie,

My beautiful, breath-taking, wonderful boy. We are now into your fifth month and I can barely believe that this time five months ago, we spent our first night together.

I remember it well; the most surreal night of my life. I'd not slept properly for two days and suddenly found myself in a postnatal ward with my new baby, a matter of hours old. I'd rarely spent a night away from Daddy since we met so when he had to leave, we both shed a few tears. I had just given birth to his first born son and now, he had to leave. I was horrifed at the prospect that I had to look after you and deal with your horrendous tar like poos! Before I had you, I didn't have much responsibility so being all alone with you with the responsibility for your whole life was bloody terrifying!

Daddy had to go home on his own and prepare the house for your arrival. I wanted him to mop the kitchen floor as I was worried that the health visitor would think negatively of us if it wasn't cleaned! He said it was the longest night of his life; every hour was spent counting down till 8am when he could come back and see you.

Meanwhile, we spent our first night together in the hospital. Considering i'd never properly looked after a baby, I was absolutely petrifed at the prospect of looking after you. Although i'd not slept for 48 hours and I was running solely on addrenaline, I sat all night and watched over you. I stared at your tiny chest rising with every breath and just waited for you to need me. I was adamant I shouldn't sleep as you may have needed me during the night so I watched Mamma Mia on repeat. When I watch it now, I smile. It will always remind me of that night, the night when I met my son and we spent time alone.

Since my last letter to you, we have been battling the chicken pox. You were unlucky enough to catch them from your friend, Matilda and from the minute they reared their ugly heads, they spread like wildfire! You are very much like your Daddy; laid back and resiliant. Nothing phases you; not even the prospect of being covered head to toe in spots like a dot to dot puzzle. The way you have coped has amazed me.

You are developing a real personality which shines through. You take in everything around you, always alert and nosy. You are quite stubborn, like mummy and you are always trying to tell us how your feeling! You have turned into a real wriggler and Grandad B struggles to dress you anymore as he says you are always determined to escape. A real life little Houdini!

You are very noisy; always making lots of sounds. It's endearing to hear you chat away to yourself. You are going to be an outging little soul, I can tell already. You have found your feet and are mesmorised by them. You have so many toys, too many for a baby, but you are not interested in any of them. Your biggest source of amusement is your feet and attempting to stuff them in your mouth! You are now rolling from tummy to back and from your back to your side however this startles you and you cry!

Up until a few weeks ago, you were sleeping through the night. We thought you were a lazy bones like mummy however, just recently, we've hit a stumbling block and you've started waking once or even twice a night! You little monkey! Fingers crossed that it's just a phase although secretly, I do enjoy our night-time cuddles, as does Daddy who always jumps out of bed so he can see to you first.

Your still a Daddy's boy. I am so in love with the pair of you. You are already best of friends and he has so many plans for you. Just the other week it was snowing and I had to persuade Daddy that taking you sledging was a bad idea! I can already tell that you are both going to cause copius amounts of mischief for me but I will love you all the more.

As always, you know we both love you an unimaginable amount.

Everyone does. It's impossible not to fall in love with you.

Forever & more,

Mummy x