Sunday, 17 February 2013

This Week in Tweets #7


'I wore the dress I wore for my graduation today. I was made up thinking I'd lost weight then I realised I'd bent over and split the arse!'

'Just picked mum up from hospital. Breast care unit really hits hard. There's people there that aren't as lucky as MammaB. #thinkingofthose'


'Just cleaned my car for the first time since I was 34wks pregnant. It was a tip and OH was worrying it was a health hazard to F it was so bad!'

'I've just had a lovely relaxing bath complete with wine & F's rubber duck which provided a whole hour of entertainment. #imgoingmad'


'Just taken F for his first swimming lesson. It was fab except for Miss Trunchbull for a teacher!'

'Just had mother & father over for fajita supper. OH has dished up apple pie & i've opened the wine. #puttingmyfeetup


'Valentines Schmalentines. All a load of old crock if you ask me. I did get a lie-in and breakfast in bed however.'

'Today I have been to my paediatric first aid course. I'm so pleased I signed up, the knowledge gained is invaluable.'


'I'm going on my first night out in ages tonight. On the plus side it is with a pregnant lady so I won't be able to get too drunk!'

'I have left F tonight to go to my local town but I keep talking about him and getting sad because i'm missing him!'


'Oh my word, I feel shocking this morning. Too much wine. My head hurts.'


'One word. Bed.'

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