Thursday, 14 February 2013

The true meaning of Love.

Regular followers of my Twitter account will know, I am not a huge lover of Valentine's day.

Much to the OH's relief.

Prior to meeting Mr C, my only ever remote success on Valentine's consisted of a card from my best friend's mother's dog. Romantic.

This also sums up the extent of my desirability and 'cool' prior to meeting Mr C. 

Valentine's when I was younger was a huge deal with a great emphasis placed on who got cards and how many. Your absolute life's achievement was measured on how many cards were popped in your 'drawer' at school. I still to this day can remember the utter disappointment at failing to attract a secret admirer whilst the majority of classmates did. This was when I was in Year 5; years and years ago but still, I remember. 

At such a tender age, I failed to recognise that Valentines wasn't about love. I fell for the commercialisation of it all; the hearts, the flowers and the ridiculously priced cards.

Now I am a mummy, I have experienced absolute love. 

I love Mr C. More than I'd ever loved anyone in the whole world. More than the stars in the sky. More than forever.

It wasn't until I set eyes on my son that I realised unconditional love however. I know that whatever happens in our lives, I will love F until the end of time. There is nothing he could ever do that would change that. He will always hold the biggest piece of my heart,  regardless.

So that's why this gorgeous little man is our Valentine.

I am incredibly lucky that I have the most wonderful man in Mr C. He is incredibly romantic and thoughtful and he tells me every day how much he loves me. 

But today,  and every other day for that matter, is dedicated to the love we have for our son. Today, he is our valentine. Everyday he is the love of our lives. The love that was created from our love.

That love is more special than any bunch of flowers, any box of chocolates or tacky cuddly toy.

That love exists in our hearts and our home every single day. And for that, I am the luckiest lady possible. 

Happy Valentines to both my wonderful Mr C and my Freddie. I love you both, as always; not just today but forever and more.

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