Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Play Time: Bath Painting

I love painting with Freddie. It's something that we can both do together and something that he thoroughly enjoys. It also leaves us with something we can keep forever and we are already building a collection of paintings that Van Gogh would be envious of!

One thing I hate about painting is the mess. It is quite time consuming in terms of setting up and then clearing away. F is still only young and he often only wants to paint for a few minutes so it often takes longer to set up and clean the activity away than the time we actually spend enjoying it.

To combat it, I found the perfect time solution for a mess-concious mother like myself. Bath Painting! 

We made the paint using:

Baby shampoo
Food colouring

There wasn't a complex procedure involved I just chucked a bit in and mixed and then added a bit more until I got the right consistency. It was, excuse the pun, child's play! 

Freddie thoroughly enjoyed bath painting and u was able to relax without the worry of handprints on my cream sofa! 

I joined in with him by doing writing on the tiles and encouraging him to do different strokes. I told him about about the different colours that we were using.

We spent lots of time painting his tummy which he thought was hilarious. He enjoyed being able to get as messy as he so desired but it was nice to be able to clean it away so easily!  

The only downside was that, as usual, he's still at the age where everything is potential food so immediately it was paintbrush to mouth for a good chew. Obviously it's not encouraged for them to eat baby shampoo but after one particularly disgusting mouthful, he quickly learnt that paint does not equal food. 

When he got bored of colouring his whole body an array of colours it was so quick and simple to turn on the shower and wash everything away. 

This is definitely a perfect activity if you're stretched for time or you're particularly carpet conscious like me! 

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