Saturday, 22 February 2014

My 2014 Bucket List.

1. Blog at least once a week.

22.2.14 - I've established a proper 'Blog Schedule' now and I am blogging at least 3 times a week. 

25.4.14 - Failed! I've been AWOL for a while but I'm beginning to get back to it now so hopefully I'll hop back into the swing of things pronto.

2. Get to my target weight at Slimming World. 

22.2.14 - I haven't yet got to target but I'm the lowest weight I've been at for a long time and I am only 14lbs away from target. I'm aiming to be there by 01.08.14 - The wedding! 

24.4.14 - After messing about with my diet since Christmas and putting a couple of pounds on, losing a few etc, I am now the lightest I've been in my adult years and 13lb off target.

3. Have a facial.

22.2.14 - Booked in for 26.2.14. 

25.4.14 - I never made my appointment for my facial so I'm still needing to book one. I actually have a gift voucher for one but I haven't got round to it! 

4. Pay off the outstanding overdraft on Mr C's bank account.

22.2.14 - Still not got round to this one although we've set the money aside from what Mr C is due so hopefully it'll be paid by end of April. We have done some balance transfers on credit cards so we are getting a much better deal on those too.

25.4.14 - DONE! 

5. Take Freddie to at least one playgroup session a month.

22.2.14 - We went to two different sessions in January & February. The second wasn't particularly brilliant but we will continue to go and see if it improves. 

25.4.14 - We have been regularly attending a Weeny Boppers session in our local community centre and I've found Freddie's confidence and social skills have blossomed greatly. Next week were starting a toddler music & dance based class and resuming our swimming lessons.

6. Begin to learn Spanish.

22.2.14 - To be completely honest, I'm not very inspired to do this. It's something that's been on my list for years and I never do anything about it. I need to have a serious think about whether we want to move abroad and if we do, I need to look into this as it'll be incredibly beneficial.

25.4.14- Even after being given a Rosetta Stone trial, I still need a kick up the bum to do this as I've not even started yet.

7. Do at least one nice thing each month which will make a positive impact to someone else's life.

22.2.14 - I think I've definitely done this. I've tried to be kind, helpful and supportive. I've offered help to a lady who was struggling with her trolley and donated some of Freddie's things to charity so far this year. 

25.4.14 - I like to think we've been doing lots of nice things for people so far this year. Today's good deed was surprising my Mum by paying for her nail appt in advance and having choccies and a card for her to thank her for being lovely.

8. Exceed my amount that I raise for charity on last year.

22.2.14 - I have been buying from charity shops and we are planning on donating money to Alder Hey Children's Charity in memory of Mr C's late sister for our wedding favours. I am also going to hold a MacMillan Coffee Morning at work again (I raised over £230 last year) and also run the Race for Life this year.

25.4.14 - We donated £25 to Breast Cancer Care.

9. Try a food I've never eaten before.

22.2.14 - Not yet. 

25.4.14 - I still haven't got round to this, any ideas what I should be trying? 

10. Visit the dentist. 

22.2.14 - This is my favourite accomplishment so far this year. I've been, twice!! I am booked in for my treatment doing in March and I'm well on my way to overcoming my phobias. You can read about it HERE and see my inspiration HERE.

25.4.14 - After 5 treacherous hours, DONE!! 

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