Thursday, 13 February 2014

Love is...

My Petit Canard is hosting a lovely post for Valentines Day. You can read it HERE. I was tagged by the lovely Mummy Swan at The Swan Project and I particularly liked her none conventional 'Love is' post where she expressed her love for inanimate objects such as the Calpol Syringe. Anyone who has attempted to administer medicine to a wriggly toddler using a spoon will sure agree.

Here is what 'Love Is' to us.

Love is weeing on the little stick,
Making sure you're eyes aren't playing a trick.

Love is seeing you on the screen,
My own little prince grown from a bean.

Love is enduing a labour so long, 
I never thought I could be that strong.

Love is meeting you when all was done,
Feeling you in my arms, all ten pounds one.

Love is worth every sleepless night,
My make up free face giving the neighbours a fright.

Love is first words, first steps and smiles,
Being off work for a year, not having to sort my files.

Love is waking up two till three,
Would I change it? No not me.

Love is different every day,
Learning how to parent in many a different way.

Love is splashing in the bath,
Searching for an opportunity to photograph.

Love is mess, bogies & poo,
Moments of rest are far between and few.

Love is playing all day with choo choos,
And my obsession with buying you shoes.

Love is not hard, with you it comes easy,
It's sometimes cliché and often cheesey.

Love is precious, kind and true,
Love is me, and love is you. 


  1. awwww this os so good!!! 10lb 1 bloody hell xx

  2. Ten One and a half really but I couldn't think of anything other than scarf to rhyme! X

  3. Ten One and a Half - Holy Calf?! Brilliant poem! And raised a little tear in my weary ol' eyes too. x

  4. Thank you!

    I wish I could say I'd put alot of thought into it but actually, I made it up whilst hiding in the toilet! We all do that right? ;)