Monday, 17 February 2014

The MADS 2014

You may have noticed I have a new image in my sidebar where I appear to be shamefully begging for votes in The MADSI'm not, please don't think I am but if you happen to be a regular reader who enjoys what you find, then I would be very greatful.

My blog is coming up to it's 2nd birthday although for it's first year of life, I sort of half heartedly plodded along posting sporadically when the mood took me. No one really read my mumbo jumbo but you know what, I didn't mind. To look back at those posts that lacked a certain jai na ciqoius (god please don't judge me on my French!), I don't see the makings of a literary genuis or a comedy hero, but those of a mother to be making sense of this journey that is A Whole Nine Months. (See what I did there?!) 

In the past year, I have immersed myself in the 'Blogisphere', made hundreds of new friends and taken salvation in a community of parents experiencing the exact same day to day situations as myself. I've also noticed that the amount of people taking the time to read my posts has significantly increased and I'm not so much of a billy no-mates rambling wildly to myself anymore. 

Of course I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to win (or at least be nominated!) afterall, who doesn't want to wear a sparkly dress and drink some bubbly?! It would also lay to rest the demons I hold towards Mr C for smashing my previous award (the first I'd ever got in my whole life!! Sob!) of Employee of the Month! That'll teach the great oaf for throwing a football around my living room! 

So if you are one of these readers who've stumbled across me in the midst of the parent blogging world, if you enjoy listening to my ranty-ness (again, not a word!) or have enjoyed a chuckle at one of our many poo escapades then please feel free to drop us a little vote. 

Here is my web address to make things even easier for you:

The MADS are all about celebrating parenting blogs so in true celebratory spirit, here are some of my favourite blogs that are also extremely worthy of your votes...

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