Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Hey Baby, I think I wanna Marry You!

Whilst I've been away, a lot has happened. My BIG news is that myself and Mr C are finally tying the knot! 

If you are a regular reader, you'll know that being a B whilst the two men in my life are C's was my biggest barebug! It bothered me immensely  and I've blogged a few times about Mr C's inability to 'put a ring on it.'

Well I know have said ring so to speak. Actually, I don't as it's still been made but I am well on my way to becoming Mrs C. 

Mr C, the old romantic had been secretly saving up since 2 weeks after we met to buy me my dream ring. At the end of April, we took ourselves off on a 'romantic' weekend to Manchester where Mr C finally got down on bended knee and asked to make a honest woman of me! The traditionalist that he is, he'd asked my Dad and my whole family were waiting at home with baited breath to hear my answer.

Of course, I said yes.

So after a commotion with the original ring (the first was horrible so I had to break it gently to him that there was no way in the world that I could possibly wear that on my finger for the rest of my life!) we went to a lovely jewellers where I had my dream ring commissioned exclusively for me! 

As a born natural organiser, the planning is well under way and at precisely 12pm on Friday, 1st August 2014 I will become Mrs C in our beautiful church. 

In other news, my baby is fast becoming a proper little person. He is now crawling, saying 'dada' and causing absolute mayhem. It's rediculous how fast he has grown and I'm desperate to freeze time! He is into EVERYTHING and keeps me well on my toes! 



Is there anyone there? Have I been deserted in my long winded absence? 

I am back and with any luck, I will resume regular blogging on a more regular basis. As always, life has got in the way recently and I have felt snowed under with the mundane-ness of it all. 

I want to relight my blog fire so to speak. The initial romance of blogging had slowly dwindled and prior to my disappearance, I felt blogging was a chore.

Recently I have missed the community that comes with blogging. I have missed the advice,  the laughs and familiarity of people who I have never met but with whom I can associate more than my life-long friends.

I blog to remember. I blog to capture memories. I blog to reminisce and reflect and most of all, I blog for me.