Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Purple Daisies Bed Bumper Review

Although only 16 months, I've been comtemplating moving Freddie into a 'Big Boy Bed' for a few weeks. He's very big for his age and I found that he was waking in the night as a result of bashing his limbs against the cot sides.

When I made the decision to move him into his cot bed I worried about how I was going to keep him in there and prevent him falling out in the night. Initially we considered a bed guard but I wasn't keen. I worried he'd fall over it or stand up against it and it'd collapse. I also thought this was adding another stage into the transition from cot to bed. 

I then debated putting the sofa cushions onto his floor in case he fell out but figured that it'd be pretty uncomfty sat on the sofa with no cushions in the evening! It also wasn't a long term solution. 

I came across a review of the 'Bed Bumper' on My Mills Baby (the power of social networking!) and thought that it looked a wonderful concept, something of which I was eager to try.

Bed Bumpers are by Purple Daisies who specialise in "clever kit for pre-school kids"

The Bed Bumper is an innovative, simple and cosy bed guard which allows your little one to make the transition from cot to 'Big Bed' easily and safely , whatever the size or type of bed. 

In essence, it is a shaped foam wedge that fits underneath the sheet to create a barrier to stop the child falling out of bed. It is aimed at babies and children up to the age of 5 years.

It comes in a standard size and a mega size but extension pieces are available so it caters for all bed types. It is also available in a single or double pack.

Freddie's cot bed is against a wall so I purchased a single original bed bumper. It is 100cm and fitted his Mamas & Papas cot bed perfectly. Priced at only £9.99, it is a much cheaper alternative than some of it's rivals.

Freddie sleeps over at his Grandparents house regularly so the Bed Bumper is ideal that it is so portable and doesn't need to be fitted like a traditional bed guard. It simply slips under the sheet which holds it in place.

The only downside for us is that our sheet doesn't have much stretch and struggles to fit over the Bed Bumper but that isn't any fault of the product. I'd suggest having a stretchy valance sheet to accommodate the Bed Bumper. Purple Daisies also sell an Extra Deep Fitted Sheet which is perfect to hold the non-slip bed bumper.

I popped in to check on Freddie a few tomes during the night and he was cosy and secure in his cot bed, nestled in by the Bed Bumper. 

This morning he woke and climbed over it no problems so I don't have to worry about him tripping over a bulky metal guard.

I am happy to report that night one of 'Operation Big Boy Bed' was a huge success and part of that triumph I credit to our Purple Daisies Bed Bumper

*  I purchased the Bed Bumper with my own money and have received no financial reward for this review. All words are my own * 


  1. What a genius idea! I always went with the "chuck some extra pillows on the floor and hope for the best" plan lol.
    Thanks for linking up this week :)

  2. Thats a clever idea - certainly makes the transition from cot to bed less stressful! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  3. Thanks for your comments.

    We've been very impressed and it's made moving Freddie into a his big boy bed a breeze!