Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Review: Mamas & Papas Alphabet Wall

A few months ago I saw Busy Bee Mummy Bex's Take on the Alphabet Wall and I was well and truly inspired. It is amazing.

Mr C is a joiner so of course I expected that he'd be able to cut me some letters no problem. I asked him and he begrudgingly agreed. That was 5 months ago. Up until last week, we still didn't have an alphabet wall.

What is it they say? 

If you want something doing, do it yourself. That's the one isn't it.

Unfortunately I'm in no way as creative as Bex so we were never going to have anything as amazing but I've found a solution for the uncrafty, useless husband types like myself...

Mamas & Papas Alphabet Wall Stickers

As you can see they look really effective.

At £16 for the full alphabet, they are a much cheaper alternative than a traditional alphabet wall with wooden letters. They are also significantly cheaper than the wall stickers from other companies.

They were incredibly easy to put up and stuck on the wall with ease. They are also removable and restickable if you want to move them. We are moving house in a few months so we'll be able to take them with us. They are also wonderful for brightening up a child's room if you live in a rented property where you aren't able to decorate.

The walls in Freddie's room are a textured wall paper and because our house is incredibly old, they aren't particularly straight so I was worried whether they'd stay in place or even stick in the first place. I was pleased to find that they went on no problem and have even withstood Freddie's attempts to peel them off!

If you're looking for wall stickers I'd definitely recommend these.

You can buy them here.

They are also available in Metallic Stars & Trees.

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