Sunday, 12 January 2014


Mamas & Papas.


I'm a shopper. An avid shopper. Some (Mr C) would say I'm a shopaholic. I go in a lot of shops. I buy a lot of things. Especially child-related things. They are my weakness.

On Boxing Day I hit the shops at Birstall Leeds Retail Park to see if I could bag a bargain. Freddie was riding in style in his Mamas & Papas Armadillo. You'll have seen on Twitter how I'm ridiculously impressed I am with this pram. It is the best I've ever had apart from one thing... our broken handle covers!

Within a week,  my delightful child took it upon himself to feast on the foam that covered the handle. Within seconds he'd staked it out, like as lion on it's prey and devoured it! How a fifteen month old can be so agile, I'll never know.

It goes without saying, I was devastated. 

Whilst shopping I decided to ask one of the advisors in store if there was anything I could do about said pram. She must have heard the despair in my voice about my beloved purchase that she said she'd see what she could 

The lovely advisor (I think she was named Joanne & I profusely apologise because she gave me asking feedback card with her name on and it took asking unfortunate trip in the washing machine.) couldn't have been more helpful. 

The end result? 

They replaced my pram. 

Free of charge.

Just like that.

It was no fault of theirs. No fault within the pram. They just genuinely cared about their customer and obviously have exceptional levels of customer service.

They didn't know that I was a parent blogger. There was no advantage to be gained on their behalf. I sincerely hope that people reading this may be inclined to make their next purchase there, safe in the knowledge that their customer service is paramount.

They care. 

And these days, that is rare. 

Thank you Mamas & Papas.

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