Thursday, 2 January 2014

Operation Big Boy Bed.

I've been thinking about it for a while and last night I decided to stop debating and move F into a big boy bed. He's been bashing hit cot sides for a good few months now and although only 16 months he's fast approaching the size of a 2 or 3 year old which is making his time in his cot problematic logistically.

We are staying at my parent's house at the minute whilst they are on holiday so I presumed that this would be the best time to do it. The travel cot is incredibly uncomfortable for him and they have a large king bed that isn't very high so I presumed that we'd start off bigger so he'd be used to having no barriers by the time came to take them off his cot at home.

Initially he was wonderful. He's a very adaptable child and sort of gets on with anything, taking it in his stride. He even looked quite proud of all his space once bed time came and although I worried, he went straight to sleep. Like the big boy he is in his big boy bed.

All was well until 12am when we retreated off to bed and must have disturbed him. At this point he must have panciked at not being in the familiar surroundings and safety of his own cot and the fun and games began and inevitably, operation Big Boy Bed was cancelled.

Understandably he was probably perplexed to say the least. He's a baby (I use the term loosely seen as though he's in age 2-3 clothing!) and a big bed may have been daunting compared to his cosy 'cage'.

He was shouting for me, shouting for his Dad Dad, shouting for Nana (who's 4000 miles away!) and then trying his luck shouting for the dog, who was, the only person that wanted to play with him at 2am.

I quickly abandoned the bed idea and erected the travel cot where he soon went back to sleep, albeit after more shouting for the dog. 

Now I'm thinking we moved him too quickly. After all, he's still a baby. And I do want to keep him a baby forever.

Then I thought I'd given in too quickly and reverted to the easy option of placing him in the confines of the travel cot. I'm not used to perserverence as *touch wood* he's always adapted to whatever changes we've made with no problem at all.

Should we skip the double bed and wait till we get home to take the sides off the cot?

Should I perservere and cope with a few nights unbroken sleep?

Should we wait?

This parenting malarky is hard work.

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