Friday, 10 August 2012

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

I posted recently about my baby shower. If you've not yet read it, find it here.

As I said, I was 'showered' with lots of lovely gifts and I was astounded by the sheer generosity of my guests, especially seen as lots of them had already bought gifts throughout the pregnancy for the baby. I am truely blessed with extrememly kind, supportive and thoughtful friends and family and I was overwhelmed with the love I encountered on the day!

I am VERY fussy. It is common knowledge amongst my family and friends that I am particular about things and they knew that I'd already bought all of baby C's things that he needs (and more!) therefore they decided between themselves that they would by gifts for me rather than the baby. A common occurance from all my friends and something that kept cropping up in conversation was the difficulty of knowing what to buy as a gift. A new 'fad', many of them had never been to a baby shower before therefore wasn't aware of what the 'done' thing was, so to speak. I was over the moon with all the gifts that I recieved therefore they obviously did something right!

Here are some gift ideas...
  • Smellies for both mum & baby - This is always a fail safe idea and perfect gift for any occasion. I received quite a few luxury smelly sets and seen as I am shortly going to be run off my feet caring for baby, I will very much appreciate having a soak with some of these gorgeous smellies!

  • Jewellery - I am the proud owner of a Juicy Couture charm bracelet so was overjoyed to receive a baby bottle charm from my brother and his girlfriend. If the mummy-to-be has a bracelet of this type then it would be a lovely gift idea. My mum has a Pandora bracelet and received a baby pram charm as a gift from my dad which is also a lovely sentimental gift idea.

  • Nappy Cakes - I received two of these and I can honestly say, they are wonderful. One was homemade and the otehr bought but they were both equally lovely. My friend that made hers, said it worked out as expensive as buying one however, if you can make one then it is more personalised. Looking online there seems to be lots available with many different items. The ones that I recieved contained, blankets, nappies, wipes, muslins, socks etc etc so will prove very useful when baby arrives!

Other gift ideas include:

  • Candles - I received lots of lovely aromatheraphy candles for after baby is born.
  • Decorative Items - Gifts such as photo frames and ornaments are a fab gift. I was given two 'Willow Tree' ornaments (both pregnancy/baby related) which will prove sentimental and a great keep-sake.
  • Flowers & chocolates- who doesn't love receiving flowers & chocolates?!
I hope that this has provided a small inspiration and proved a help if you are debating over what to buy as a baby shower gift!


  1. I think your collection of gifts is interesting but you have to insert some more items into it.

  2. I love the charm bracelet! Another cool gift idea i've seen at a baby shower was a hospital kit - with slippers, toiletries, coins for the vending machines, stuff to read, etc ! Check out my post on baby shower gift ideas too. Glad to find your blog - it's a great concept - and good luck !

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