Sunday, 2 February 2014

Dear Freddie: 17 Months

My beautiful Fred,

As ever these letters are erratic and sometimes the months pass me by and then I remember I've forgotten to write. But today you are 17 months and today, I've remembered to write. 

You are completely adorable as always. You astonish and amaze me every minute of each day. We spend lots of time together and I consider myself the luckiest person in the world to be allowed the privilege to spend each day in your company.

I enjoy being in your company. You are hilarious. I find myself laughing endlessly day in, day out. You are a character. We play so many games and you often have me in stitches.

You are extremely clever. Although I am biased, the way in which you absorb absolutely everything like a sponge is amazing. You know so many words and I only have to say something once and you'll repeat it back to me straight away. This weeks favourites have been 'silly sausage' and 'oh no'.

You're a cheeky monkey. You say 'oh no' before doing something naughty but you like to think it's excused because you've said 'oh no' and flashed your toothy smile. Take the fireguard for example, you're driving Mama crazy with your penchant for tipping it over!

You have developed a liking for blowing bubbles and we spend so much time sat blowing then over and over. You are a funny little thing though and you get scared if they turn out big.

You've developed an essence of fear recently and it hurts me because it shows me that you're growing up. You get sad if you see someone crying and you get scared if something startles you. Unfortunately it's just one of the things that I have to endure and although I wish I could press the stop button, I do enjoy seeing you grow and develop each day. I do wish it wouldn't go so fast though! 

You have a love for dancing, laughing and throwing your food on the floor! Everything is rosy in your life and I love that trait. If I had one wish it would be that everything would be OK for you forever. 

As always, I love you. 

Forever & More.

Mummy xx

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