Tuesday, 26 February 2013

This Week in Tweets #8

Sorry for the late post, I thought I'd scheduled this and hadn't. Anyway here is what we got up to 'This Week' (or last week as it now stands!)


'Me & F are hitting the shops then we are going to spend the afternoon with F's first ever painting session. I'm expecting a masterpiece!'


'F & I have been enjoying the sunshine today. Lovely x'


'My crazy son is sat on the floor trying to eat my slipper whilst it's on my foot.'


'This morning we are heading to baby clinic to see how much F weighs.'

'F weighs 20lbs 6oz. Big boy! (but not as big as expected)

'Me, OH & F are going for a walk around Hebden Bridge. Anyone recommend any nice places for cake? :)'


'I am laid in bed having family cuddles with my 2 favourite boys in the whole world. They are my life.'

'I am so rock & roll. Romantic birthday evening and I'm in bed already... in my fluffy dressing gown ready for sleep!'


'My TV is spoiling me tonight. Robbie Williams & Justin Timberlake in one night. #wouldntkickeitheroutofbedforfarting'


'I can hear wonderful OH & son downstairs playing with Buzz Lightyer, both screaming with laughter. Times like this I realise I am blessed.'

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