Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Tales from the carpark

Before you panic that I've taken up dogging and am about you confess all of the sordid details, don't!  I am however writing to you from a car park, Asda's to be precise.

As a Mama I don't get much peace. Every second is hectic and don't get me wrong, I love it that way. It gives me purpose, routine, a fulfilment that I never found pre child. But as all mothers do, a small break and a chance for a breather is always welcome. 

This week my chance for freedom came when I've had to pop to Asda. F was covered head to toe in potato croquette so as Mr C came through the door, he told me that I could go to Asda alone. Gee thanks, you'd have thought he'd have told me to jet off to the Dominican for a week! 

I'm making the most of 10 minutes though and even though I've done my shopping, I'm sat in the car people watching armed with a copy of Closer & a chocolate yoghurt! 

Once upon a time, I would have found this a pain in the bottom on the rat race home from work but now, it's the small things that put a smile on my face.

Like how I know that Mr C & F will be running the bedtime bath at this exact moment. Mr C will be chasing F round pleading with him to get undressed whilst F squeals with delight thinking he's playing chase.

 Or the fact that I know that when I do decide to move from this corner of the carpark, I'll go home to find F all snuggly in his onesie smelling of that smell that is now so familiar. A mixture of sudacrem & soap. He'll be laid on the sofa with a milky smile dozing whilst Mr C reads his bedtime story.

Or even the fact that we're lucky enough to be able to afford food and treats like magazines. I know as I people watch that some people won't be in the same boat so I count my blessings for that. 

Yes my life in mundane sometimes and a trip to Asda alone and 10 minutes peace in the car is a highlight but my life is mine. It's familiar, it's full of snot, sick and nappies but it's also full of love and happiness. I am lucky that I have the stability of familiarity. Looking round this carpark tonight at the dozens of people milling in and out, I know that what I have is a blessing compared to so many. 

I'm very lucky. I'm even beginning to miss them both so I best go.

Before fella in the car next to me gets a funny idea that I am here for dogging and not blogging!

My carpark supplies!

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