Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Feeling Festive.

Can I say the C word yet? Well seen as though it's less than a month until Christmas, I believe I should be ok.

We're yet to put out Christmas decs up as I am a stickler for the fact that they should belong firmly in December. I also don't like the mess they create so I'm quite happy to wait for a couple of weeks longer now.

This is Freddie's second Christmas and I can't wait to see how he is compared to last year. I'm also really keen to start some Christmas traditions. We don't really have any except the fact that I want to photograph F next to the tree & his presents each year so I can compare his growth!

Last year he didn't really know what was going on however this year he should be much more aware!

We have always spent Christmas with both our families combined however for the last few years, it's fallen to my mum to cook for all of us. I wanted to give her a break this year but rather than cooking myself, I booked us a lovely meal for Christmas Day itself at a local restaurant which has now turned into a giant family affair with around 20 of us attending. 

I think things like that really encapsulates the meaning of Christmas. I don't remember what presents I got when I were younger however I do remember waking my Mum & Dad at 4am and my Dad sneaking downstairs to see if he'd been. I remember me & my brother sharing a bed because he was scared Santa would pinch him. It really was magical which is why, even as an adult, it is still my favourite time of year, even more so now Freddie might understand. 

What traditions do you have in your house?

Here he is last year aged 15 weeks

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