Monday, 25 November 2013

My life as a secret blogger

I am a secret blogger.

I don't know why but I've always chosen to keep my blog a secret from my dearest family and friends. I don't really feel comfortable knowing that they may read my inner most thoughts and feelings or that they may judge me or think of me as a nerd! I like the fact that this blog is mine and all you mothers will know, when you have a child, you don't have very much to call your own! 

So anyway, the other day I had no chance but to let  cat out of the bag and 'fess up.

I wanted to attend a PR event but Mr C has been working away so I didn't have childcare for F so I had to ask my Mum to mind him for the day.

 It went a little like this;

"Why, where are you going?"

"Nosy aren't you?"

"Who are you going to see?"

"No one Mum"

"You're having an affair!!!!"

"I'm going to a baby event in Manchester"

"You aren't buying anymore prams young lady, he has enough. Are you made of bloody money?!"

And then this spiralled into a mother style rant consisting of the fact that it's Christmas soon and that my child will be spoilt and a brat and the fact that there is nothing wrong with his current pram. I reverted to my teenage self and sulkily listened to this for about 26 minutes whilst she rabbited as only mother's do best, before finally saying;

"I've been an invited. It's a press event"

"What, you've got a job? In Manchester? You best not be moving away! Oh #-&£%+#)@!=: don't move to Manchester with Freddie, I'll miss hi!. Oh bloody hell!" (Cue major meltdown from my Mum with head in hands!)

"Mother calm down and stop being so blinking melodramatic! I'm going on the train for the afternoon. It's for my blog"

"A what? What's one of those then?"

I went on to tell her all about A Whole Nine Months and how I'd been writing about Freddie and I since pregnant, similar to an online diary.

Her responses went something like this;

"I hope you haven't used a photograph of me looking fat!"

"Well where do you write it?"

"Is it safe? Your Dad won't be pleased if you've given out your home address!"

"Is it for the government?"

"Will you be in the newspaper?"

"Can I buy a copy?"

So there were are. I am no longer a blogger in denial. I've come out so to speak. 

My Mum's reaction was pretty much typical 'Mum' although I was somewhat amused at her thinking I'd joined the MI5 although as long as I'd not given my home address out, I could have run away with the circus for all she cared! 

So Mother, if you've finally worked out how to turn on your iPad, let alone conduct a Google search and with any luck, landed here... Hello and Welcome to my innermost thoughts. 

Although judging by the fact that she's looking in the Guardian right now, I think I'm quite safe... For the time being! 

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