Sunday, 24 November 2013

We have a new arrival...

And no, before you ask... not a baby!

My rounded tum is due to a few to many pre-Christmas mince pies, not a bundle of joy!

It may as well be a baby though with how excited I am.

We have....

A new PRAM!

I do have some sort of pram fetish and today, without even realising it, I'd popped Mr C's card into that machine, entered the pin & luck would have it... bought a new pram! 

Pushing two prams home on the train proved somewhat of an issue but as a Mum on a mission, we completed it with ease! 

Here's pram #5.

We will be putting it through it's paces this week and I will let you all know how we get along but for now, I'm going to stare longingly at it! Our newest (and hopefully our last) addition to the pram family!

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