Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Blog Challenge (16): What's top of your bucket list?

As i've said before I'm not particularly adventurous and I like it that way. It's not that i'm not ambitious, it's more of the fact that i'm a chicken and the thrill of the adrenaline is not a big enough lure to persuade me to throw myself out of a plane or swim with Great Whites!

So top of my bucket list would have to be;

Visiting Australia.

This is something that i've always wanted to do. I have travelled quite a bit, in fact probably once or twice a year for the majority of years since I was born however, my mum's something of a sun worshipper rather than a culture vulture so we've always travelled to 'those' sorts of places such as Spain or the Canaries. Give my mother a sunbed and a cocktail over a visit to some archelogical site anyday! I've somewhat ashamadley inherited that same passion and since I've been planning my own holidays, have only really ventured to the same tacky places as i'm used to! 

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