Thursday, 7 June 2012

Exciting Times...

I sit and cradle my poor arms as I write this... Not that they are sore but I am STILL feeling sorry for myself! Yesterday, I was an actual human pin cushion. I had to have my GTT test.

Now, normally this would have meant 2 1/2 hours at the hospital and 2 blood tests. No, not for me. 5 1/2 hours, a phlebotomist, a doctor and THREE anesthatists it took to get 5 sodding vials of blood. Cue me being sick and very, very hungry! Apparantly I have 'tiny veins' (as described by the Russain doctor who was also very disturbed at the 'orange substance' coming off my skin as she scrubbed away with alcowipes! They musn't have false tan in Russia as she thought I was an alien from Mars!).

So anyway, i'm STILL licking my wounds, all 9 of them! (Not literally, that would be wierd!) I keep reminding Mr C how brave I was. If I was a child, I would have most definitely got a sticker or a lollypop or some sort of treat so Mr C kindly took me out for chinese buffet to make up for the fact that I spent the best part of my day been proded and poked!

That was one part of this pregnancy malarky that I definitely don't like HOWEVER exciting times lie ahead that make it all worthwhile. Tomorrow, we get to see Baby C in 4D. I can not wait. I feel like a child on Christmas Eve! Will he look like me or Mr C? Who's nose does he have? Does he have my round bouncy ball shaped head or a long horse - like one like daddy? All these questions will shortly be answered!

How exciting!

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