Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Blog Challenge (15): Timeline of your day

Today was a work day so it was pretty boring but here it is:

6.08am: Woke up needing the toilet as Baby C was positioned right on top of my bladder!

6.09am: Got back into bed thinking that I had lots of time for cuddles with Mr C before he got up for work.

6.10am: Mr C's alarm went off! Booo, there went my cuddles!

7.30am: Quick wash & dressed - no make up (yet!)

8am: Get to Morrisons to go 'the big shop.'

8.50am: Arrive back home to the unappatising task of lugging 7 full carrier bags up 2 flights of stairs. Sometimes I regret living in a third floor apartment!

9.30am: After I'd unpacked the shopping, I sat down to have breakfast of toasted tea-cakes, a banana and a fruit smootie whilst watching Jeremy Kyle.

10.30am: Cleaned the house & prepared tonight's tea whilst watching This Morning.

12.30pm: Wrote a few blog posts and had potato waffles for lunch! Mmmm

1.30pm: Shower and get ready for work

2.30pm: Set off to work.

3pm: Start work.

YAWN... YAWN.... YAWN...

9.30pm: Arrive home from work and have tea/discuss day (have a moan!) with Mr C.

10.30pm: Watch 2 episodes of Family Guy in bed... I don't know why but this has become a real ritual for me & Mr C!

11.20ish: Fall asleep during second episode hoping Mr C will turn the TV off! Sweet dreams!

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