Friday, 1 June 2012

Blog Challenge (3): Your Favourite Quote

This quote is my all time favourite and rings so true of my own life. If you'd have asked me 5 years ago what i'd be doing now, i'd have reeled off a list. I'd have travelled the World, bagged myself a high flying teaching job in London, have lots of money, drive a Mercedes & wear Christian Loboutins like they were nobodies business. I would have long blonde hair & i'd have finally slimmed down to a size 6. Am I doing any of these things? In a word, No.

My holidays stretch as far as the Canaries (& that's if we're lucky! This year it'll be a damp caravan weekend in Skegness!); I work in education administration and I definitely don't have wads of cash stashed under the matress! I drive a Fiesta & my shoes are from Primark. I have black hair, usually tied up in a top knot because i've not got the time or energy to style it and the only size 6 I have seen in a LONG time, is the one in my shoe... NOT in my jeans!

In spite of this, am I happy? You bet! Life isn't always what you plan it to be and accepting that and embracing it is what makes it so exciting. Would I swap my life for what I expected it to be?

Not a chance!

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