Thursday, 7 June 2012

Blog Challenge (9): What are your worst habits?

My worst habits have to be:

1. Biting my nails - As much as I try, sometimes I simply cannot resist biting my nails. Lots of pretty (and expensive) manicures are helping me to stop. I have 'man hands' with sausage fingers so my short stubby nails make them look even worse!

2. Checking my Facebook too much - A message, a piece of juicy gossip, a 'poke'... I simply cannot miss a thing! Sad i know!

3. Clearing my throat - This is a DISGUSTING habit that i've only developed whilst pregnant. In the night, I often feel like I cannot breate and my throat tickles which leaves me trying to clear it and sounded like a demented horse. Pregnancy has made me so attractive!

On the topic of animals:

4. Snorting like a pig when I laugh - Not content with sounding like a horse
5. Worrying too much... I worry about EVERYTHING. I even worry that I have nothing to worry about!

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