Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Pregnancy Post: 30 Weeks.

First things first, here's the bump this week...

How far along: This week sees the start of 'Week 30'. 3/4 of the way there. It has been a mad week; a mixture of emotions and hormones (bloody pregnancy haha!) seeing me going from smiling with happiness to being a quivering wreck. Mr C deserves a medal this week!

Maternity clothes: I've not bought any clothes this week... All mine & Mr C's money has gone on even more treats for Baby C. Spoilt boy!

Stretch marks: I've started to get some marks at the top of my bum cheeks? Is this normal?! I don't feel like this area is stretched? I've layred on the false tan to give me a bit of a self-esteem boost as I was beginning to feel like I resembled a baby elephant!

Sleep: Again, it's been a bit rubbishy this week. I've been overly emotional all week which I think may be a combination of hormones and lack of sleep! I sobbed for an hour because a man was wearing a suit on Jeremy Kyle! I'm sure that's not normal!

Best moment this week: I'm trying to be upbeat but this week has been a bit of a worry. We had a growth scan last Wednesday which showed that the AC circumference (his tummy) was a little large. Cue lots and lots of tears from me and an immense amount of worry. I am going for a repeat GTT tomorrow so hopefully we'll get some answers.

On a positive, we started our first antenatal class on Thursday. Mr C was dreading it and thought it was going to be the most boring night of his whole life however he ended up really enjoying it and I couldn't get him to shut up! He's such an exhibitionist in situations like that so he ended up being the centre of attention and the midwife loved him! Cringe! It was very informative and I feel that little bit more equipped for labour!

Movement: Still lots. He's a little wriggler and he seems to have his days and nights mixed up!

Food cravings: None. I've been eating lots of fruit and smoothies this week... mmm.

What I am looking forward to: The bedroom furniture arriving so we can set up his nursery :)

Weekly Wisdom: Don't go to appointments by yourself! I've been lucky that Mr C has been able to take unpaid time of work to attend with me but last week he had to leave early after the growth scan. I totally over-reacted at the scan results and broke down at the car parking ticket machine! Even if you have to take a friend or a relative, it's much better than having to take in results on your own!

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