Thursday, 28 June 2012

Blog Challenge (17): What is your most proud moment?

This would most definitely have to be finding out that I was expecting our son! I was absolutely beaming with pride that myself and Mr C were going to be parents. He's not even here yet and I am one of 'those mums' that I said I wouldn't be. Myself and Mr C used to cringe at people who posted a million and one pictures of their little one on Facebook but low and behold... we are terrible for it! All of his scan pictures are posted proudly on my 'wall' and he graces my cover photo in all his sheer cuteness. I have even been known to whip out his 4D scan picture and thrust it in people's faces saying 'look at my son, isn't he gorgeous!?' CRINGE. 


I suppose that's motherhood taking a firm grip of me though! My own mum is a horror for boasting about my own achievements and I'm sure I will be just like that with my son. First words, steps, smiles... everything!

In terms of my other achievements, I was extremely proud of graduating from University last year. I studied so hard for 3 years and when I finally donned that cap and gown I was beaming like a cheshire cat!

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