Monday, 11 June 2012

28 Weeks: Introducing Baby C in 4D!

On Friday, we had the pleasure of meeting our son in 4D and what an experience it was. I had my heart set on having a 4D scan even as soon as I found I was pregnant. There were many a time before my 20 week scan when I spent days pleading with Mr C to have a 4D scan so we could find out the sex early! The 2D scans at the hospital, although lovely, were often confusing and rushed and I couldn't actually make out head nor tail of our little man but seeing him in 4D... WOW.

Another HUGE positive of the 4D scan was that, because it wasn't at a hospital, you were able to take more than the one person in with you to meet baby. Baby C is my parents first grandad child and Mr C's parent's 4th however all their grandchildren are grown up and they'd never had the chance to do anything like a 4D scan with them so it made sense to make it a family outing so we could all experience the opportunity of meeting our little man 3 months before he actually arrived.

Without further ado, I introduce our Baby C...

I know i'm biased as his mummy, but, my god, he's gorgeous! Everyone said that he looks just like me and most definitely has my chubby cheeks and button nose. He's got his daddy's long legs too! Everything was great with him, he's weighing a little more than expected at 3lbs 2oz already and measuring 29 + 6 but I'm very pleased to say he's thriving!

Seeing him there on the screen was the most amazing moment of my whole pregnancy to date. MrC said that as soon as the sonographer switched from 2D to 4D, he thought it was me on the screen as we looked so alike! My mum cried as she said it reminded her of when I was born and the whole situation was just, perfect. It has made me even more excited (I didn't think it was possible!) to meet him! We bought all the family keyrings of the scan photo's and we all looked a picture sitting in Wetherspoons after the scan staring at them!

In just under 12 weeks, we will see his little face for real. I will be able to touch those tiny fingers and kiss his button nose and at the moment, I will know that my whole life is complete.

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