Monday, 4 June 2012

Blog Challenge (7): Your Pet Hates

I like to think of myself as a patient person but there as some things that REALLY 'grind my gears'.

1. People with no manners! GRR, this annoys me so much. As my old mum used to say 'they cost nothing and mean everything!'. What peeves me off even more, is parents who allow their children not to use manners.

2. People who don't indicate off roundabouts... I have TERRIBLE road rage & I really don't understand why people are physically incapable of pressing an indicator to let people know where they are going.

3. People who enter motorways at 40mph. Durrrr, you're joing traffic flying past at 70mph - why are you casually strolling along like a snail? I have no desire whatsoever to end up flattened by an Eddie Stobart therefore I would appreciate it if you'd put your bloody foot down!

4. Audi Drivers... Yet another motoring peeve, can you see the pattern here?! Everytime someone is 'up your arse' so to speak or driving erratically  (by this I mean, like a kn*b!) then 9 times out of 10 they are an Audi driver. Yes, it's a sweeping generalisation I know but if you drive an Audi, I don't like you ;)

5. Swearing - I am known to mutter the odd expletive or two (or three, four, five etc!) but only in the right company. I hate when people swear in front of children or old people, it's just not right. However, if you are a person that commits number 2,3 or 4, I will happily call you all the names under the sun!
6. People who abuse the benefit system. I do not pay my taxes for you to sit on your bum drinking Red Stripe all day. Thank You!

7. Self Scan checkouts. I hate them. PLEASE REMOVE THE ITEM FROM THE BAGGING AREA. Grrr! This, coupled with the fact that I worked at Morrisons during my university years (on the self scan) means that I detest them. Although, they are always empty so I still use them everytime I do a shop! One day, I will learn!

8. People who say 'I'm not being funny but...' Obviously if you feel the need to start the sentence with a justification of what you are saying, there is a slight chance I am going to deem that you are being 'funny!'

9. People who 'tlk lik dis' i.e. Chavs. Yes I am by no means a fully pledged member of the spelling police but simple phonics mean that even my dog could spell better!

10. People who moan loads, like old people. Oh and me for that matter! Haha! :)

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