Saturday, 2 June 2012

ASOS Maternity Wear.

As a young mummy - to - be with an ever increasing baby bump and a slight obsession with looking fashionable, I am always on the look out for clothes.

I am by no means a 'fashionista' but I do look looking good. I think as women, we all do. As well as carrying myself about, I am also home to my little man for the next three months so I need clothes that are well-fitting, unrestricting and most importantly, comfortable. I also need clothes that suit 'me.' Just because I am pregnant does not mean that I want to dress like a grandma wearing a smock and knitted cardigan; netiher do I want to wear a comedy t-shirt with some 'witty' comment about keeping your hands off the bump. It is pretty obvious I am pregnant; (or smuggling a beach ball under my top!) I do not need to tell the whole world he is 'Due in August' with the help of some slogan on a t-shirt!

It seems, that most retailers seem to think that this is what pregnant women want. Yes, I am incredibly excited that I am going to be a mum but I don't need a t-shirt to inform Joe Bloggs down the street that I am expecting! With this in mind, I scoured the net for some 'fashion - friendly', stylish maternity buys.

Unlike many other maternity ranges, ASOS maternity doesn't substitute fashion for comfort. I like that the clothes are comfortable but still look great & there is not a comedy slogan in sight! I love all of the pieces above and if ASOS' normal ranges are anything to go by, I'm sure they are great quality too.

I've not got wads of cash to spend on maternity wear and i'm sure my credit card company won't appreciate me buring a hole in my card for a whole new maternity wardrobe but I will definitely invest in some key pieces. I don't see the point in spending £15 on a t-shirt because it says 'maternity' in the label; i'd much rather just buy a bigger size but some key pieces are invaluable.

Although maternity, I'm sure that as a normal woman (not a celeb who seems to come out of the labour ward having snapped back down to a size 6!) I will be carrying a bit of extra 'timber' for a fair few months after the birth which means that i'll still be able to wear the majority of the things I buy. I will most definitely be buying the coral grecian style maxi dress for those summer occasions when I will be the size of a small house!

Do you know of anywhere else that does lovely maternity ranges?

What did you wear whilst pregnant?

Please note: This is NOT sponsored post & everything written is my own views! :)


  1. I've been looking at vertbaudet online, as some of their stuff looks ok (beware - there is some slogan stuff) but it looks quite reasonably priced. There were a couple of vest tops/ dress which looked ok.

    Top shop I find a bit hit and miss, but maybe that's because I don't buy stuff in there when I'm not pregnant anyway.

    Mothercare has some quite good basics for maternity wear (plain tops etc) and sometimes Gap too.

    Some of the shops JoJo/ Mamas and Papas make stuff in very thick T-shirt material for the summer. It's hot enough without sweltering in thick fabric!

    I'm going to check out Asos too.

  2. Thank you! That's really helpful. After writing this, I bought some maternity jeans from Next that are brilliant. They have an adjustable waist so will fit for ages; I hate buying things that cost at least 50% extra because they say 'maternity' on the label!

    I agree with you about Topshop. I find the sizings odd at the best of times so I'll have no chance fitting my ever increasing belly and bum in anything ha!

    Thanks again x