Sunday, 13 January 2013

This Week #2

Here is how we spent our 2nd week of 2013:


Mr C is originally from Liverpool and we met there when I was at University. When we moved to be nearer to my family, we left a lot of upset C's behind, especially Mr C's mum who adores Freddie. Because of this, we try and visit as often as we can. Mr C was still off work this week as they are especially quiet so today we took the opportunity to drive over to Liverpool to visit them. We went out for a nice lunch and did a bit of shopping in a nearby town where me & Mr C lived prior to having Freddie. It was nice to take Freddie there to show him where mummy & daddy met! We then got Freddie ready for bed and drove the 1 1/2 hour home where we transferred a Mr Sleepyhead straight from the car into his cot! 


On Tuesday we started our baby massage course. I originally applied for the course when Freddie was 4 weeks old but apparently,  it is very popular and over-subscribed so we've only just been given a place. It will go on for the next 6 weeks and I am very excited about it. We had a lovely time & it provided me with a great opportunity to meet some new mummy friends. Freddie was supposed to get his jabs but, as I posted before, he had a viral rash and the Dr said no jabs for him today. I finished the evening off with a lovely meal in a nearby restaurant with my two best friends. Neither have children but we are all always exceptionally busy with work and me with Freddie so it was wonderful to catch up and I had a lovely evening. 


On Wednesday, my mum was off work so we planned to go for a shopping day. Freddie woke up with a sore on the back of his head so we ended up at the doctors yet again! Mr C is still off work and I think we are all getting a spot of cabin fever so we went to my mum's house for the evening where she cooked us a lovely meal. Freddie enjoyed lots of laughs and cuddles with his Nana & Grandad!


Today was baby clinic day. I enjoy going to baby clinic as it means I can see lots of other mummies and Freddie can see his little friends. He got weighed and I was astonished to find out he weighs 18lbs 6oz. Big boy! Mr C who never normally cooks, decided that he was going to cook for us and some friends so we went to our local farm shop to buy ingredients. It has a lovely little cafe so we had a sandwich and saw all the animals. Once we got home, our friends came over and we ate Mr C's yummy meal. I was very proud of him! 

Friday, Saturday & Sunday

We haven't done much over the weekend so I don't want to bore you with our mundane antics. We have spent our weekend with lots of walks, food and tv! Mr C & Freddie have enjoyed watching the Liverpool V Man U match today and we are now snuggled on the couch watching films eating pizza whilst our boy is tucked up fast asleep! 

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