Friday, 4 January 2013

4 months: For You, Freddie x

Freddie, or shall I say Freddie Boy as you are now affectionately known.

You are now 4 months. 17 whole weeks. This week saw a year go by since we found out we were expecting you. What a difference that one year has made. I have found a place in my heart I never knew existed. A place with love for my boy.

Every day provides a new laugh. You are quite the comedian. Always laughing or smiling. Today I took you on the train to Leeds,  the man who sat next to us said you were the most well behaved baby he had ever seen. You thanked him with your signature gummy smile that lightens up your whole face. I was a very proud mummy, in fact, I'm always proud of you. Only the other day, I was told you were 'a breath of fresh air', and you are.

You are so close to sitting unaided now but mummy, being mummy, refuses to move away from you incase you fall over! You are very strong and often mistaken for a baby of 7 or 8 months. You are in age 6-9month clothes and costing us a small fortune in designer gear! You are more than worth it.

Your first Christmas was amazing. We spent it with both sets of your grandparents and you kept us all entertained with your first proper 'belly laugh". You idolise your Grandad Rich and he is the only one who can get one of these hysterical laughs from you. You got lots of presents and, Mummy enjoyed dressing you up in comedy fancy dress. Mean mummy! 

After much deliberation, Mummy & Daddy made the decision to start you on solids when you turned 17 weeks. You are such a big boy that you were guzzling bottles at a phenomenal rate, faster than I could keep up! We are taking it one step, a day at a time but you are a lover of sweet potato which is fast proving your firm favourite. 

As always, I Love You.

Forever & More,

Mummy x 

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