Monday, 14 January 2013

Time flies whilst you're having fun...

Today I was flicking through my phone and came across a picture that I just had to share. (If you follow me on Twitter,  I apologise because you may have seen it before, if you don't follow me; do! @awhole9months) 

So before I digress any further... here it is.

This picture was taken exactly 19 weeks ago today when Freddie was a mere tender 1 day old. Even though he was a big baby at 10lbs 1.5oz, this picture made me remember how tiny he used to be in comparison to how he is now.

At the time I found the picture, coincidence may have it that Freddie was laid on his play mat watching TV and I couldn't resist taking a photograph to compare.

So here he is; 19 weeks & 1 day.

19 weeks is no time at all but seeing these pictures side by side, every minute of those 19 weeks has made a massive difference to my boy.

Looking at these reinforced the fact that every second is precious. Tomorrow Freddie will be another day older and that's another day towards the day he'll no longer need me.

Now where is that stop button? 

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