Sunday, 27 January 2013

This Week #4

I hope you've all had a lovely week. It's late so without further ado, here is what happened this week #4.


We woke to LOTS of snow. I love the way that snow brings such a sense of community so we decided to don our wellies and go out for a walk. We ended up walking about 3 miles into town and enjoyed a lovely lunch with my mum. Afterwards, we were way too tired (and stuffed!) to walk home so we got the bus! I have not been on a bus since I was about 15 so it really was an eye opener; I hadn't a clue what to do!


On Tuesday we went to baby massage where we concentrated on the tummy massage. Freddie has a habit of deciding he wants feeding as soon as we get into centre! Little monkey! I really enjoy the social aspects of baby groups and think it's a brilliant way to interact with mummies who are in a similar situation as me. We spent the evening at my mum's house where we had a chinese takeaway whilst the men watched the football.


F had slept at my mum's house on Wednesday and I awoke to the news that he'd been up in the night and had a couple of spots on his head. To cut a long story short,  he has CHICKEN POX! Due to his age, we were advised to take him to see our GP who confirmed it was the pox. We spent the evenings with lots of cuddles & kisses to make myself and F feel better! 


I was conscious that F may have been infectious but I wanted him to get some fresh air. We went for a walk around our local reservoir where we are regular visitors. The snow and wildlife make it a beautiful place and F enjoyed the chance to get out of the house. I then had my parents over for dinner and I cooked a meat & potato pie. 


Mr C is still off work (damn his industry!) so I took full advantage of the fact that I could enjoy a baby-free shopping trip. Myself, my mum and her best friend enjoyed a trip to Ikea and the retail park followed by an M&S lunch. I didn't buy anything but have spotted lots of potential presents for my upcoming birthday! I dropped lots of hints to the OH that evening! 


I'd kindly (read stupidly) volunteered to help my mum make two curries for the 'curryoke' event she was hosting at her work. The whole process could only be described as horrific and our initial product looked like tomato soup! A phone call to the local Indian supermarket provided us with the solution and the end product was lovely! We spent the evening at the event which was very enjoyable and one of a few nights out I have enjoyed since F's birth.


Sunday has been spent relaxing. The whole day revolved around the fact that Top Gear was starting (MrC is a petrol head!) and eating left over curry. 

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