Sunday, 20 January 2013

This Week #3

Here is our week #3. I hope you've all had a lovely week and have been safe in the snow! Read on to find out what Freddie & I have been up to this week.


Monday is my mums day off so we usually spend the day with her. She has her own business so me & Freddie sometimes spend time with her at work however Monday is normally our day out. We were greeted with snow when we awoke which seemed to excite Mr C no end. Luckily the roads weren't too bad and me and Mama B were able to resume normal procedure of Monday shopping!  Mama B is the queen of Next and owns pretty much the whole shop. We went into our town and Freddie was treated to a few bits ans bobs. Later on, I went to our local farm shop which I love! I stocked up on wood logs for our log burner and we enjoyed a cosy evening in front of it.


Today I attempted to clean my house. We have a small 2 bedroom cottage so its not an enormously big task to clean however today was just not happening. Mr C is still off work as he doesn't have much work on. This time of year is a pain in the proverbial for the joinery trade so he's under my feet at the minute. It's lovely having him home to spend time bonding with his son but it means I am totally out of routine.  

Baby massage was cancelled this week so we spent the afternoon watching films before taking Freddie for his 16 week jabs. It breaks my heart listening to him scream but I know it is for the best. Admittedly,  I did well up a little; afterall, no mummy likes seeing her baby in pain! We spent the evening at my mum's where she made a lovely dinner whilst I did some typing for her business. 


We spent Wednesday with Mama B again. We had a lovely day of shopping. I managed to get Mr C some bargain t-shirts which resulted in a very happy me. After Mr C's chef success last week, he'd invited my mum, dad and cousin over for a meal and he whipped up his speciality of 'Sizzling Beef in Black Bean sauce.' Once again he excelled himself and I was very proud; and glad I didn't have to cook.


Today we went for the most lovely walk to a nearby reservoir.  It is truly beautiful and looked even more wonderful in the snow. I got some gorgeous pictures which seem to have set off some sort of photography bug within me. Freddie slept the whole way round but it meant Mr C & I could have some quiet time to chat and relax! We then visited my Nanna & Grandad who were over from the East Coast. It was lovely to catch up with them and for them too see Freddie; they couldn't believe how he had grown.


I set about giving my house a great clean today. We have a 2 bedroom cottage but in terms of cleaning, it is like a mansion. I kept getting side tracked and playing with Freddie so it took me 6 hours to clean 3 rooms! Ooops! Mama B had asked if she could have Freddie stay overnight so Mr C ventured out in the snow to drop him off. I then enjoyed a lovely candle lit bath with a glass of wine followed by pizza & films with Mr C! 

Saturday & Sunday

We have had another relaxing weekend, mostly consisting of football, shopping & playing with Freddie. We are now watching Dancing on Ice followed by a (very late) Sunday Lunch with chocolate fudge cake.

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