Monday, 7 January 2013

This Week #1

As part of my blog in 2013, I am going to include a diary of the adventures Freddie & I have been up to in the past week.

Here's how we've spent out first week of the new year.

Monday was New Year's Eve. Both myself & Mr C are not big fans of New Year's Eve. I find it ridiculously overrated and overpriced. I refuse to pay £10 into my local pub when I can go there any other night of the year for free! We spent a lovely evening in our PJ's at my mums however we were home well before the clock struck and spent 12 o'clock dozing on the couch. My mum had made lots of yummy food and I had a final blow out and stuffed my face before I was to begin my healthy eating regime!

Tuesday Tuesday was a boring day. Freddie & Mr C spent the day with my Dad watching New Year's football whilst I went at kept my mum company for a few hours at work. We then went to our local Farm Shop to stock up on organic veggies for Freddie and finished the day off with long walk. The Christmas tree is still up in our village so Freddie enjoyed looking at the twinkly lights before he nodded off! 

Wednesday was a family day. Mr C is soon back at work so he wants to spend as much quality time with Freddie as possible. He is a true water baby so we went to the local swimming pool to take him in the baby pool. In the end, the pool was shut for repairs so we had to trail around to find another pool which ended up being cold! For a supposed baby pool, it was bloody freezing! Freddie enjoyed himself nevertheless and loved snuggling in his new fluffy dressing gown once he'd gotten out of the pool.

On Thursday we went to nearby Saltaire to the Pandora shop. It was my best friends birthday on Saturday and I wanted to buy her a special gift to celebrate as well as thanking her for being the most wonderful friend and godmother to Fred. We finished off the day with a lovely Spag Bol.

Friday was spent in Leeds shopping with my mum. We go on the train quite regular and have a mooch around the shops. Today we ate lovely cakes and drank tea Al Fresco as it was such a lovely mild late Afternoon. Freddie was very well behaved as normal and slept around most of the shops. I planned on treating myself to new clothes as I've still not updated my wardrobe since giving birth but instead, I wanted to treat Freddie to some new Ralph Lauren boots. He really is a spoilt monkey but I just love treating him! The day ended quite sourly once we got the train home and I certainly won't be getting the train again however, I'll post about that later!

Our lovely friends came over for the day from Liverpool and we enjoyed a lovely stroll around our local reservoir. It is a lovely walk however, as normal, I was unprepared and ruined my new Uggs! We rewarded ourselves with a lovely lunch as our local gastro pub sat next to the log fire to warm ourselves up. Saturday was also the night of my best friends birthday party. It was strictly fancy dress but, as a new mummy who hasn't got her figure back from before baby, I opted to cheat rather than don a skimpy fancy dress. I wore my lovely pearl dress that I've been dying to wear for ages combined with some glasses and tah dah!... I was a movie star! Mr C went as Elvis and provided the comedy factor for the evening, finished off by a flying fall across the garden lawn on our exit! 

Today we awoke feeling a tad delicate. I never seem to sleep after I've had a few glasses of wine! When my alarm clock went off, I was tempted to roll over but I then remembered that I had to pick up my beautiful boy who had slept at my mum's house overnight. It was lovely to see him and even though it'd only been a 12 hours, I'd missed him lots! Sunday is football day followed by Sunday lunch at the golf club so we all enjoyed a yummy roast minus Freddie who ravished his porridge! I'm now relaxing after a lovely bath, revelling in the fact that normally, I would be back at work tomorrow after the school holidays but because of my maternity leave, I'm not! 

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