Monday, 28 January 2013

My 100th Blog Post.

This here, is my 100th blog post.

Don't expect too much. No blog party in sight. I wanted virtual chamagne and party poppers; instead I had to settle for a blast to the past. Enjoy.

In the early days, my blogging journey began as an outlay for my thoughts, worries and ideas during my pregnancy with F. I wanted somewhere to document my journey, a pregnancy diary, so to speak.

When it comes to mummy blogs, I have lots to be thankful for. Being one of lifes 'nosey parkers', I found that reading about women's personal experiences made me laugh, cry and sometimes wonder what the bloody hell I'd let myself in for! I had no idea what motherhood would mean except what was portrayed in a text book. Mummy blogs opened my eyes and prepared me for a whirlwind life of sh*tty nappies, night feeds and the wonders of projectile vomit! Thank you mummies!

In celebration of reaching the 100 mark, here is a re-cap of a few of my favourite posts so far.

By far one of my favourite posts was 'Where the Journey Began.' One of my first posts; short and concise, I talked about the moment I told Mr C I was pregnant. Shattering every illusion of any romantic ideal I ever hold, it turned out I told him in a pub car park. Not as I imagined but reading the post, it feels like yesterday and has made me emotional already. (That is without the virtual champagne!)

The next few posts followed in quick sucsession and were also pregnancy related with 'For the First Time' and '20 Week Scan... Half Way There!' . Initally, I felt that i'd not really found my blogging feet. I was stuck for ideas as to what to write about and lacked inspiration, worried that my writing was boring and that I didn't use 'big words.'

Soon after came an all time favourite of mine; 'How Important is Marriage?' in which I discussed my fears of being Miss B once Freddie came along. You'll be sad to know, I am still Miss B and he's still not put a ring on it, or even attempted. These days we are too busy to even contemplate planning (and funding) a wedding. Mr C has assured me that 2013 is the year of the diamond; I await with baited breath. This post also gained my first ever blog comment.

With my confidence growing and my first blog comment under my belt, I felt like i'd found my blogging feet and I was no longer sinking. At this point, I took the opportunity to introduce myself properly with the help of a blog challenge: '#1 Introduction & Recent Photo'. This post was shortly followed by more testing questions such as 'Should Men be present at the birth of their child? and 'Is it time to give us Women a break?'

I went on to blog about NHS Parentcraft Classes and my Baby Shower. During this time, I had taken reduced hours at work prior to my maternity leave starting so I felt that I had more time to immerse myself in the blogging community. I wrote weekly pregnancy updates that are lovely to read and reflect on. My only regret during this stage was not taking more pictures of my pregnant bump. I miss it greatly and have made a pact with myself that I will take weekly snaps during my next pregnancy.

The next few months, saw the arrival of F, juggling night feeds and nappies. There was no better way to celebrate than with a commemorative post; Welcome to the World!,
This was shortly followed by an occasion to divulage too much information about bowel habits, episiotomy and 'plugs' (and not the electrical sorts.) These posts were' My Labour Story Pt. 1, then followed by even more gorey details in 'Part 2'.

These were my all time favourite blog posts that I thoroughly enjoyed writing. Blogging allows you the opportunity to write about things you may not necesserily speak about in day to day life; afterall, my Grandad didn't want to know about my episiotomy but through 'A Whole 9 Months', I could document the whole occasion, even the grotesque.

More recently, my posts have revolved around Freddie. I have been writing monthly letters to him; usually written on a night fuelled by a glass of Rose, they are often emotional! I love the thought of having these to look back on and remember when he's a horrible smelly teenager who 'hates me!' Only a few days, I spoke about how I've become an emotional wreck since having F. I worried that it wasn't normal but since blogging about it, other mummies have been able to put my mind at rest and reassure me that, we're all softies!

I love the fact that I have somewhere in this huge world of cyber space to write about me and my F.

A place where I can reflect; somewhere I can be me, whatever mood I am in.

Sometimes I want to write a piece that is hilarious; sometimes I want to be emotional and I may write a raw post. Sometimes it may contain too much information, others it may be about the mundane occurances of day-to-day life. Whether I get a million readers or just those few that stumble here by pure coincidence, | am enjoying continuing to blog.

Here's to another 100 posts.

Thank You! x

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