Saturday, 12 May 2012

Where the Journey Began...

So here it is... Where the journey began. 30th December 2011. Very much planned and excitedly anticipated but still, the biggest shock of our lives!

It wasn't the most romantic of settings... In fact it was a pub car park. Now anyone that knows me or Mr C will know we like a drink or two and we met in a pub so it was quite apt that I was breaking the biggest news of our lives to him in the car park! However, I wouldn't change it for the World & i'll remember the moment forever.

After doing the test, I'd drove to pick Mr C up in shock. As soon as he'd got in the car, I blurted it out and I honestly thought he was going to burst with shock/excitement/fright and every possible emotion you could ever imagine. His initial reaction was 'Are you sure?!' so I threw the test at him and the look on his face was something i'll remember forever.

The journey home was surreal, both of us trying to digest this information! We, US! were going to be parents! Mr C honestly did not shut his mouth for one second! Usually, I am the talkative one in the relationship but my god, I thought my ears were going to burn off! Arriving at home, after telling me he couldn't wait for me to 'glow' and he'd got the baby's whole life planned out, his hopes and ambitions for his first born and at that moment, I knew... A Daddy was born!

At this point I was 4 weeks pregnant.  And there we begin... The start of A Whole 9 Months! Fast forward 20 weeks and so much has changed.

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  1. Aww thats so lovely! You never forget that moment ... 19months since i found out and it still seems like yesterday! :)