Sunday, 20 May 2012

P.D.A's - How far is too far?

Today, me & Mr C had a very 'interesting' encounter with two strangers in Boots... We stepped into the lift (Baby C is giving me some jip with my back so we took the easier option of the lift rather than Mr C rolling me down the flights of stairs!) only to practically bump into a couple snogging! And no, not just a quick peck; full on necking!

Now i'm no prude, I'm partial to a spot of hand-holding with Mr C, maybe even a sneaky peck on the cheek if i'm feeling particularly romantic ;) but this was just WAY too O.T.T. Luckily, we only had to go down one floor but still cue red faces (mine & Mr C's; not theirs!) and an awkward shuffle whilst they played a spot of 'tonsil tennis' and their young daughter skipped happily and oblivously around the lift!

It got me thinking... How far is too far? Public Displays of Affection or P.D.A's are acts of physical intimacy in view of others, for example, holding hands, a kiss, cuddle or god forbid, even more! Now, I love nothing more than seeing an old aged couple holding hands; it restores my faith in love and makes me look forward to the future when me & Mr C are old & grey! I'll happily walk the streets with Mr C holding hands but we're not those pains in the ar*es  joined at the hip, blocking the aisles in Asda- type! If i'm feeling particularly fruity ;) or have had a few too many glasses of the good stuff, he may get a quick peck but anymore than that is, in my personal opinion, too much!

Don't get me wrong, different situations call for different levels of 'restraint.' For example, if I was in a club, I wouldn't think too much of a couple having a cheeky kiss and cuddle (we've all been there, blame it on the wine!) but a full on (un-alcohol fuelled) passionate snog in broad day-light should be left for behind close doors shouldn't it? Don't get me wrong, i'd much rather see a happy loved-up couple than a screaming slanging match taking part in the street (yes, it hapens... another 'interesting' encounter spectated today) but too much and I won't be held responsible when the contents of my stomach end up on street!

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