Friday, 18 May 2012

Today: 25 Weeks

So today we have reached 'Week 25'. I honestly cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has gone. I recall finding out at Week 4 and thinking we had all the time in the world before he/she arrived! I am so used to casually answering 'Oh, not till August' when somebody asks when I am due but I am now panicking that 'not till August' is only 3 months away! 

Where does the time go?! I should really be thankful and not tempting fate as the next 15 weeks will drag now I have dared to say it's gone fast! 

Luckily we are really organised and have made all the relavant purchases (who knew how much a tiny person needed?!) so apart from the major hurdle of re-locating to a whole new area and finding a new house, we are pretty much ready for our little man to make his entrance into the world. 

At 25 weeks:
  • Our baby's face is now fully formed and his ears are capable of picking up and differentiating between different voices and sounds.
  • His skin is smoothing out and looking more like a newborn.
  • His nostrils have cleared, having been plugged until this time?!
  • His sleep cycles have developed and he will snooze for as long as twelve or fourteen hours at a time! (I hope he has such lovely sleep patterns when he arrives!)
  • His hair is growing and it is now possible to detect the colour! (My dad will be made up if he is a red head!)
  • He is around 34cm in length and weighs around 1 1/2 1bs.
Here is a 3D scan photo of a baby in the womb at 25 weeks. (Not our little man however!)

Source: Emma's Diary

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