Friday, 18 May 2012

Changing Bags....

I'm definitely a handbag kind of girl... They last a lifetime, unlike clothes (which suspiciously begin to become tighter over time. It's the clothes themselves though; not my unhealthy cravings for birthday cake & pick 'n' mix!) therefore I do not mind paying a little bit extra for a gorgoeus bit of 'arm candy' so to speak. 

Saying that, I am the proud owner of a Chloe Paddington bag which was used a handful of times then replaced with my current trusty Primark classic and thrown in the bottom of the cupboard, hence a waste of a significant chunk of my monthly salary!

I've been looking for the perfect changing bag for a while. We've purchased the pram, the bedroom furniture, nursery interiors, nappies, clothes, bouncer chairs and all the essentials etc. etc. with ease and we've even been  fortunate enough that baby C has grandparents that love to spoil him already so they've showered us with the whole of Mamas & Papas however I am struggling to find the perfect changing bag! 

Now, it's only a bag I hear you say, but it is something that I will use everyday and it will take place of my trusty Primark classic so I'm hoping to find something quite spectacular!

Features that I've figured important are:

  • it co-ordinates with my pram; the Quinny Buzz in Black
  • it has space for all baby C's things (which if he's anything like mum, he'll have loads!) as well as my diary, purse, keys, lipgloss etc etc. I don't really want to be carrying two bags around with me.
  • it isn't TOO girly - Mr C will have to use this bag on his 'father & son' outings so i'm sure he wouldn't appreciate lugging a pink floral print bag around on his shoulder!
Now i've seen a few styles I like (see below!) but this seems to only make it harder for me to choose!

I'm sure when baby C arrives, what his changing bag looks like will be the last thing on my mind but whilst I'm enjoying my last few weeks months before I'm drowning in nappies and baby sick, I'm sure it'll give me something to take my mind off the swollen ankles and backache!

I'd love to hear any recommendations or comments!

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