Wednesday, 30 May 2012

26 Weeks Pregnant...

Last Friday saw us reach the 26 week milestone. Exactly 6 months. Wow.

Here's me, looking like a beached whale with our blooming bundle growing and wriggling happily inside me.

The bump seems to have popped up out of no where. I hadn't informed my work of my imminent arrival until a few weeks ago but it would have been impossible to hide it any longer! This week has been lovely as we have started to see his movements. For a few days, i'd been catching my tummy flinching out of the corner of my eye but thought I was imagining it. Then bold as brass, whilst I was laid on the couch in my bra eating chocolate (classy I know!), Baby C let out an enormous kick which ricocheted across my whole stomach! Myself and Mr C were in shock to see how much my tum moved! I feel like i've got an alien inside of me thrashing about in a great attempt to escape!

In other baby news this week:

  • We've brought all of his stuff over from my mums house. As our planned relocation isn't going ahead now until after he arrives, we figured it was important to get as organised as we possibly could. Both myself and Mr C were in shock at how much things a tiny person needs! Our spare room (which will be the nursery when Mr C gets round to setting it up) is bulging at the seams with baby related items! I am under strict orders that I am to purchase no more clothes until he arrives but I just cannot resist!

  • I've started looking into private antenatal classes. I'm looking at NCT classes as the hospital Parent Craft classes seem to be a pain in the bum to organise! I'd love to hear if anyone had any experiences with these classes? Would you recommend them?

  • We've booked our 4D scan for next week! I cannot wait to see what he looks like rather than simply a grey sketchy blob floating around. (God, I seem like a terrible mother describing my unborn son as a 'grey sketchy blob!'.)


  1. Just found your blog on netmums. I really recommend the NCT classes. I did them with my first child, and 3 years on we are all still meeting up regularly. I also attended the hospital classes, but found it was much easier in the NCT group with it being smaller, to form bonds with the other mums to be and stay in touch. Hope that helps. I'm 14 weeks with my second, and it all seems so long ago since I did it the first time, so I'm reading your blog with interest and thinking about what's to come!