Thursday, 5 July 2012

It's time to give us women a break!

This week I found 3 purple stretch marks on my ever expanding bump. At first, I thought I was going to go into melt-down mode! Later that day, I then read an article about Hilary Duff's post baby body. She was pictured looking, in my opinion, bloody well fabulous in a bikini, just three months after the birth of her son Luca. 'It'll take 3 lifetimes for me to get back into a bikini' I sighed sadly to myself!  But there is a twist... Was the author congratulating her for her managing to slim down in record time? Were they condoning it and saying women should face less pressure to look good so shortly after birth? NO! This was an article full of criticism over her new apparently 'unperfect' body!

'A month or so ago I was concerned that she wouldn't even try to lose weight,' wrote one online critic. 'Now I'm convinced she doesn't even care how she looks, gross!' 'She's turned into her mother. That happens,' wrote another.

I am currently nearly 32 weeks pregnant and up - to - now have only put weight on on my tum. (*Touch wood* I am very aware there is still time!) I have consciously been watching what I've been eating however this has been more for the sake of baby's health and well-being rather than my own waistline. Saying that, I have had to be careful as I would quite readily embrace the whole 'eating for two' regime as a permanent life style choice if I could so I've had to restrict my cream cake intake massively!

As a young female and a regular reader of glossy magazines, I find that, as women, we are constantly bombarded with photographs of new celeb mummies who leave the hospital in their size 0 designer jeans and high heeled Louboutins. This unrealistic expectation is ridiculous; I for one will be leaving in my sweat pants and a pair of old converse! Becoming a mother is not an excuse to let yourself go but as women, we should be cut some slack! You have just brought a new life into the world and endured labour; how your hair looks should be the least of your worries! As a mummy, I want to concentrate my focus on my son and ensuring that he has everything he needs rather than panicking as to whether I have perfectly manicured nails!

These pictures of Hilary Duff are 3 months after the birth of her son, Luca. She looks fabulous, right? Well apparently, Wrong. Critics have slated her to pieces.

Now, I know I'm not likely to be papped coming out of Asda whilst I'm doing my weekly shop and I certainly aren't going to have my post-baby bod and make-up free face slapped all over the tabloids however, seeing pictures of 'perfect' celeb post baby bodies combined with the fact that any celeb who doesn't live up to this ideal is slated horrendously, can be really dangerous for a new mummy.This pressure co-incided with the huge change that has occurred in a woman's life could be disastrous for a woman's self-esteem!

Who the hell are these people who think they have the right to slate all and sundry? I sincerely hope they aren't women! Whatever happened to the 'sisterhood'?! We should be sticking together! Every stretch mark and wobbly bit is a reminder of the precious cargo that we have carried around and nurtured for the past 9 months. We should be proud and embrace the changes, not be worrying about whether we have slimmed down to our pre-baby jeans within 4 minutes of labour! It's time to give ourselves a break!

And with that rant... I'll reach for another Hob Nob and I'll worry about my baby body later!

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